Chief of staff John Kelly says he will stay at Trump’s request

Mike Pence speaks to Fox News

Trump marks Kelly's one-year mark as departure rumors swirl | TheHill

Mr Kelly told staffers that he had agreed to stay on, five White House officials said Tuesday.

Trump has reportedly considered replacing Kelly, with whom he's clashed over management style.

In April, Kelly shot down an NBC News report that cited White House officials saying he called Trump an "idiot" in front of aides and had portrayed himself as a "savior" who rescued the country from disaster.

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Kelly, 68, told his staff Monday - his one-year anniversary in the post - that the president had asked him to remain at his side, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A retired Marine general, Kelly replaced Reince Priebus in the role. Over the weekend, Kelly marked one year as White House chief of staff. "Today we celebrate his first full year as @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff!"

Chafing at Kelly's efforts to impose order, Trump has increasingly followed his own counsel and added more like-minded aides to his staff.

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The two strong-willed men clashed repeatedly, with semi-frequent Oval Office shouting matches and speculation that Kelly could quit. The Washington Post and CNN, also citing unnamed officials, confirmed the news.

Kelly has often joked publicly about how working for Trump is the hardest job he's ever had, including those on the battlefield.

While serving as secretary of homeland security, Kelly got news of his promotion via tweet from Air Force One.

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Gabriel Sherman, who had previously documented Kelly's misery and ineffectiveness in some detail, has a theory that he's actually getting his revenge on Trump by sticking around, since POTUS wants him to quit but is reluctant to fire him.

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