Trump says he holds Putin responsible for election meddling, defends Helsinki performance

Trump facing fury says he misspoke with Putin

Trump facing fury says he misspoke with Putin

I don't see any reason why it would be'.

But faced with outrage at home, with even some of his political allies demanding that he reverse course, Trump - in an extraordinary postscript to the summit - sought to walk back his remarks.

"In a key sentence in my remarks I said the word "would" instead of 'wouldn't, '" Trump said.

On Tuesday, however, Trump backtracked and claimed that he had misspoken - that he had, in fact, meant to say that he did believe that Russian Federation had interfered in the election.

"President Trump today, in an attempt to explain what the Helsinki was going through his cotton candy-covered head when he stood next to Vladimir Putin and took sides with Russian Federation over our own American intelligence agencies, now says it was just a tiny little slip-up".

And on July 17 evening, Mr. Trump was feisty on Twitter again as he defended his meeting with Mr. Putin and took aim at one of his favourite targets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Trump a ‘wet noodle’ after Putin news conference
Closing his video, Arnie compared the US President's actions against Russian Federation with one of his predecessors. As such, the former California governor didn't hesitate to call Trump's performance an "embarrassing" display.

When asked about the criticism that this resolution is largely symbolic and won't yield tangible results, Flake said the President has wide authority when it comes to foreign policy, but "you try to use whatever leverage you can".

"I have great confidence in my intelligence people", he added, "but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today".

Five of these individuals have pleaded guilty, including three former Trump advisors, although none of the crimes they have admitted to directly relate to collusion with Russian Federation. As Putin looked on beside him, Trump said, "I have President Putin; he just said it's not Russian Federation". GOP leaders, outraged by Trump's comments in Helsinki, found out about his attempts to quell the outrage the same way everyone else did, as one aide put it, by watching and learning. Even some usually friendly Fox News hosts, including Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade, implored Trump to clarify his comments.

Senator Rand Paul utterly unloaded on former CIA Director John Brennan this week, saying he was the "most biased, bigoted, over-the-top, hyperbolic, unhinged director of the C.I.A. we've ever had".

"They continue their efforts to undermine our democracy", Coats said.

The president, according to the White House press cool, ignored a question as to whether he will publicly condemn Putin.

Judge orders alleged Russian agent Maria Butina jailed
Butina had been living in Washington since 2016, after coming to the US on a student visa to study at American University. Her lawyer, Robert Driscoll, called the allegations overblown and has denied that Butina is a Russian agent.

The latest episode threatened to undo Trump's already tepid efforts to tamp down the bipartisan furore over his performance in Helsinki. In response, Trump said that his "people came to me", and said "they think it's Russian Federation".

"It was the grilling you'd expect Trump to have given".

Mr. Trump was referring to the server belonging to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as he has long criticized the Democrats for not handing over their server to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after they were hacked.

In an extraordinary postscript to Monday's joint news conference in Helsinki, Trump went on to claim that he misspoke when he appeared to take the Russian leader's denial of interference at face value. "Vladimir Putin does not share our interests, Vladimir Putin does not share our values".

But after his election, Brennan continued, Trump kept publicly trashing the US intel community and he's shown that "he lies to the American people". What they did hear is a statement he made to Putin's very close friend.

Trump Tweets US, Russia 'must Get Along'
Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from MA , said Trump embarrassed the US. "Military, missiles, China our mutual friend president Xi". After the one-on-one meeting, several senior American and Russian officials participated in an extended meeting.

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