Elon Musk sends engineers to help Thai cave rescue

Image Source CNN

Image Source CNN

The CEO of Tesla and Space-X tweeted Thursday that he is sending his own engineers to Thailand.

Elon Musk arrives to speak at Boring Company community meeting in Bel Air, Los Angeles, on May 17.

Regarding Mr Musk's alternative plan of providing pumps and batteries, Mr Mirza said: "With all due respect to Mr Musk, I am not sure that he or his engineers have a real good handle on exactly what they're dealing with in this particular situation". He also proposed installing a 1m diameter nylon tube and inflating it "like a bouncy castle" to see if that would clear the water and provide a tunnel that the trapped boys could simply walk through.

Things are getting desperate for the 12 boys and their football coach, who have been underground since June 23. The billionaire entrepreneur said this would create an underwater air tunnel with the ability to "auto-conform to odd shapes".

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The next problem is time, where due to it being monsoon season in Thailand where it rains nearly everyday, the water levels in the cave are rising which means that it is a race against time to try and extract the boys and their coach ASAP.

If Musk's past social media updates are any indication of what's to come, we have faith he'll keep us all posted about the submarine's progress.

Musk's tunneling startup Boring Co. could potentially make available its massive drills or excavation expertise, but such an approach could be too risky for this mission.

Asked if the submarine will be able to pass through "even the most narrow passages", Musk responded "yes", promising that it will be possible to regulate its buoyancy with rocks and dive weights, which will be placed into segment compartments.

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Musk has been increasingly engaging with fans and others on Twitter.

Rescuers have also explored digging a hole into the cave system, allowing the boys to exit.

Notably, the serial entrepreneur is actively engaged in below-surface tunneling in the United States, via his Boring Company, which is developing a series of underground tunnels in some major cities to make room for Loop, Musk's idea for a next-generation high-speed transit system.

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