South Koreans wonder: ‘Are we better off now than a week ago?’

Russian President Putin attends the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow

Putin invites Kim to Russia, praises Trump summit

Trump's vigorous press strategy comes after a bare-bones messaging strategy around the actual summit, after the broadly worded joint statement signed by the president and Kim raised questions White House officials seemed unable to answer. You don't understand sarcasm.

Trump emerged from the meeting convinced that he could sell the vaguely worded deal, as evidenced by his hour-plus new conference in Singapore immediately after their session. In his April agreement with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the language was similar, with the two vowing to achieve 'a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearisation'.

The Korean crisis began to thaw at the start of 2018 when Kim announced his decision to resume talks on denuclearization.

South Koreans of a certain generation remember a hit children's animation from 1978, featuring as its hero a Tarzan-like boy who battles an army of North Korean soldiers, depicted as packs of rabid wolves. "The one that's always struck me most is this visceral instinct of people's weaknesses and a corresponding desire to be seen as strong and respected and admired". If we did, millions of people would have been killed.

Trump plans early departure with North Korea talks 'moving quickly'
But even before then, Trump and Kim could emerge from their meetings on Tuesday declaring a second day of meetings. Lashing out over trade practices, Trump lobbed insults at his G-7 host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"We have a really great relationship [with North Korea] for the first time ever, no president's ever had this", he said.

"But I think, you know, you can't script these things", she said. "He's focused more on the optics than the policy, which is a trend we've seen throughout this presidency".

But President Trump sounded nearly besotted after meeting Kim Jong Un this week in Singapore. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at a press briefing Thursday that it is "common courtesy" to salute a military official.

During his visit to Singapore, Trump showered praise on Kim, calling him a "very talented man", a "smart guy" and a "very good negotiator". North Korean news, which is entirely state-run, exclusively consists on statements that shine a positive light on Kim and the country. In fact, the Kim dynasty does not trust the U.S. at all; we should not forget that North Korea is a member of what the United States described as the "axis of evil".

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But a government official said they had just agreed to open talks on the basis of the rebel amendment. She insisted: "We must think about the message Parliament will send to the European Union this week".

Nuclear deterrence, as Bernard Brodie pointed out more than 70 years ago, works even when there is a huge disparity in the number of weapons possessed by the two sides. Chol saluted. Trump saluted back. "If there's a chance at peace, if there's a chance to end the frightful threat of nuclear conflict, then we must pursue it at all costs", he added.

The summit also made a clean break from the failed approaches of past U.S. administrations, he said.

Putin said he would be happy to welcome Kim to Russian Federation, suggesting they meet during an economic forum in the far eastern port city of Vladivostok this September.

On Wednesday the US military was looking at ways to ensure American forces in South Korea could still be fully trained and ready.

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