Police video of beach arrest shows woman spit at, berate cops

Weinman claims officers hit first while cops say it as Weinman who threw the first kick

Weinman claims officers hit first while cops say it as Weinman who threw the first kick

That's what happens when you've got poorly trained officers.

The situation escalated after Weinman refused to give officers her last name, and when an officer tried to arrest her, she resists as a struggle ensues.

"From what I see on the video and only on the video, from not even talking to the officers, I think they did a decent job", Regalbuto told NJ.com.

Joining "Good Day Philadelphia" on Thursday morning to discuss the new body cam footage and what it shows were attorney Shaka Johnson and FOX 29 legal analyst Ken Rothweiler.

Police have identified the officers involved as Thomas Cannon, John Hillman and Robert Jordan. The matter is still under investigation, the chief said.

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The video shows the officer pulling Weinman's hair and forcing her to the sand as he calls for back-up.

The videos are being examined as part of an investigation into Sunday's arrest of 20-year-old Emily Weinman of Philadelphia. "I didn't do anything wrong". You can't lock me up. "Matthew, they're choking me".

She said she had gone to the beach with the father of her child and was approached by officers about a bottle of alcohol she had with her.

The video does not clearly support his or Weinman's version of events. A video of part of the incident that depicts the officer striking the woman, shot by a bystander, went viral soon after the arrest.

"You're not allowed to beat me like that!" she yells. "I was partly wrong in a way but I was scared". "Once the officer says "you're under arrest", he has to continue with that arrest". "She started walking away from me". "I tried grabbing her. If they were going to cite her, they should have said 'we're issuing you a citation for whatever, this is why they need your name.' But they never said that", Dicht told WPVI. She kicks at another, knocking aside a beach chair. As an officer places handcuffs on her, she can be seen in the video spitting at him. She insults the officers and tells them they're wasting their time.

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The third video begins mid-confrontation, with Weinman being restrained on the sand by the officer. They demand to know her last name. Someone is heard repeatedly saying, "Stop resisting".

But Weinman's lawyer say the videos show police overreacted.

Dicht said the body camera footage does not change what he believes was excessive force, poor judgment and a violent overreaction to a minor infraction.

"You have a young lady who was out of control". It appears her arms come up to push him in his chest.

In his opinion, he said, the officer did not punch the woman in the head.

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"What he's trying to do is destroy her character, and it's unfair".

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