One million people in France quit smoking a year ago

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Additionally, 20 per cent of stroke deaths are attributed to tobacco use, while most of the deaths attributed to tobacco use occur in Jamaicans 45-49 years old.

Thursday, May 31 marks World No Tobacco Day 2018, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help remind us all of the dangers of smoking and how it may affect our own health and that of those around us.

The organisation urged governments to adopt these measures as it would help to reduce tobacco use and protect people from Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

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But reductions in smoking rates in some nations "are nearly entirely offset by the increasing consumption in many countries with weaker tobacco control regulations", says The Tobacco Atlas anti-smoking lobby. "You may have heard this a million times, smoking is unsafe to your health, but we still want to remind you every time we have a chance", said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III during a press conference Thursday at the DOH Central office in Manila.

Tobacco use and second-hand smoke publicity are key causes of cardiovascular illnesses reminiscent of coronary heart assaults and stroke. In the Region of the Americas about 10% or 4.6 million children aged 13-15, smoke cigarettes (2.4 million boys and 2.2 million girls).

The new packaging rules for tobacco products prohibit promotional information, branding and logos, and were firmly opposed by Big Tobacco.

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Akinbode Oluwafemi of the ERA/FoEN who spoke at the Garki Ultra-modern market yesterday where the activists addressed the public in the three major languages, said the establishment of tobacco control fund would become useful to government agencies to enforce the nine provisions of the NTC Act.such as smoke-free public places, restriction on under-age access and ban of sale in single sticks.

WHO Representative to the Philippines Dr. Gundo Weiler, meanwhile, said that tobacco use is not only affecting the smokers itself but also their families as well as the country's economy. The report shows that smokers are sacrificing their physical and economic well-being to smoke, even though many of them have the desire to quit. "Measures that reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco include making all indoor public and workplaces completely smoke-free and promoting use of tobacco package warnings that demonstrate the health risks of tobacco". This inquiry followed a 2015 review published by Public Health England suggesting that vaping was around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

WHO's survey found that when tobacco usage falls in one country it is usually offset by the consumption of such substances in countries where there are lax regulations and controls on tobacco. Let us choose health, not tobacco, Moeti advised.

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"Unfortunately, most tobacco-related deaths occur in low and middle income countries where the population is target of intensive tobacco industry marketing". It is a day where awareness is spread about the negative effects of tobacco and how smoking is a great health risk.

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