United States to help N Korea's economy if it abandons nuclear weapons

Trump Greets 3 Americans Freed by North Korea

President Trump On Hand For Return Of American Detainees

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shake hands at the Workers' Party of Korea headquarters in Pyongyang on May 9, 2018.

In preparation for that event - now tentatively scheduled for late May or early June - Trump will likely eschew reading or listening to expert advice, and will allow himself to be buffeted by conflicting information.

Trump spoke to reporters on the tarmac with the former prisoners.

When Trump and Kim do sit down, the two relatively untested leaders will be presented with a puzzle that has stymied seasoned diplomats for decades. Given North Korea's extensive and hidden nuclear program, complete verification may be impossible to achieve. That means Trump's stewardship of the nuclear crisis is now far more popular than the President himself, the network said.

During the visit, announced only after it was over, Kim told Xi he hoped relevant parties would take "phased" and "synchronized" measures to realize denuclearization and lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

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The regime did not have much incentive to surrender its arsenal, even before this week. Kim has already declared a pause in his provocative nuclear and missile testing.

According to the Japan Times, the U.S. demands also include the North Korean surrender of documents on weapons design and even the exile of the country's own nuclear weapons engineers, so that the regime is divested of its atomic knowhow. That, the North's leaders will say, would take much longer, and would require more step-by-step measures by the United States and its regional allies to remove "mistrust" - a favorite North Korean concern.

Mr Trump dismissed what the Iran deal actually achieved.

"I hope the United States also will be happy with our success", Kim said, adding: "I have high expectations the U.S. will play a very big role in establishing peace on the Korean peninsula". But he will still plead for more time.

The accelerated pace of developments that could lead to weapons removal does not means USA concessions were made, some observers say. And there are a number of things - provocative actions, for example, from North Korea would not be received well. He will not, however, take any responsibility for the beatings Warmbier apparently endured.

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In response, Kim brands Trump "mentally deranged" and a "dotard", warning he will pay dearly for his threats.

"North Korea's diplomacy has always been a repeat of hardline and appeasement", Thae said. More to the point, he will explain the logic of why sanctions must be suspended before he can even start to lay the groundwork for denuclearization. One possibility is that he will confront Kim on North Korea's fluid definition of "denuclearization". But he added: "I'm confident that we have a shared understanding of the outcome that the leaders want - certainly President Trump and chairman Kim, but I think president Moon as well".

At any rate, to prove that he is not being played "like a fiddle", Trump will need to carry out several tasks simultaneously.

High-level officials from the two sides will meet at Peace House, a South Korean building in Panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone (DMZ) dividing the two Koreas, to discuss ways to enforce the Panmunjom Declaration, according to the ministry's press release. Kim's father sought meetings with US presidents Clinton and Bush but never got them. -North Korean summit "will become an important step to attain long-term stability in the region".

Anyone can make a bad deal - look at the one President Obama made with Iran. Then again, persuading Trump to engage in self-reflection could prove to be the toughest challenge yet.

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