Mark Ruffalo revealed Avengers: Infinity War ending months ago?

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Infinity War 1 continues to smash box office records

What's the secret to its success? According to the filmmaker, it'll hit cinemas two years from this week. It might not be the film we're expecting, but that doesn't mean the snap won't be undone - it just doesn't also mean that everything will go back to being the way it was. I like the Marvel movies, but it's not because of the battles, it's because of the mythology and world-building. Little did they know, however, that the biggest threat to the Infinity War's secrecy was their own actors, particularly Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland. Anthony added, "We have a really strong commitment to very real stakes".

Apart from vengeance, the other big possibility is the heroes somehow using the time stone to put things back to the way it was. Let us know in comments!

An artists impression of Captain Marvel
DisneyCaptain Marvel played by Brie Larson is set for release in March 2019

It can't be understated that Thanos is an excellent villain. The result of that conversation was establishing a specific three-part arc that would play out across Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers 4 - and knowing what we now know, we should be in for some fantastic developments next summer.

The Marvel cinematic universe has always brought joy to me with every new film that builds upon their franchise.

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When they said this was Thanos's movie, they weren't kidding. All in all, I give the film an 85 percent. "The ending is his ending - it's just not an ending you're used to seeing - but he completed his mission". Thankfully, most moviegoers are already familiar with these characters. More than that, you end up learning more of the heroes' background. With the miniscule information that we have, primarily based on job listings, it sounds as though the game will be multiplayer or have a multiplayer mode akin to Destiny, potentially letting players become the various heroes of the Marvel Universe and play with their friends.

What was it like filming their death scenes?

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Actress Brie Larson was cast as Carol Danvers - or Captain Marvel - in the origin movie, where she'll be joined by Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law, Gemma Chan and Lee Pace. "You also see it in the relationship between Thor and Loki - brothers and enemies". Ant-Man, here I come. In a sense, Thanos is essentially our protagonist.

"He's always going to play a huge role", Joe added. But she is part of the movie's post-credits scene. Some have speculated that may have involved a run-in with Captain Marvel, which is why Fury was reaching out to her. Although this is not a confirmation, it is interesting that Gunn would take to Facebook and make that announcement. "Technology has altered this generation significantly, and the way they process and consume story is very different".

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The average swing among the movies that were more spaced out?

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