Kilauea volcano beams through the clouds in mesmerizing time lapse

Blackout not expected in Hawaii even if lava reaches power plant, officials say

Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow: Wells Capped at Power Plant that Locals Say Desecrates Goddess of Fire

Lava from the eruption on the Big Island is primarily flowing south toward the ocean.

Actually, Kilauea began erupting not on May 3 but in 1983.

Residents have been concerned about hazards if lava flowed over the plant's facilities or if the molten rock heated chemicals at the plant. Metal plugs in the wells, which run as deep as 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) underground, are an additional stopgap measure.

The eruption has so far destroyed 50 buildings, including about two dozen homes.

On Wednesday, Hawaii Governor David Ige said that while officials are continuing to monitor gases leaking from the power plant, "all wells are stable at this point".

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Officials shut down Puna Geothermal shortly after Kilauea began erupting on May 3. "This activity has destroyed the former Hawaii Geothermal Project site", it said referring to the warehouse.

Geothermal energy is also considered a clean resource as it doesn't generate greenhouse gas emissions, said Bridget Ayling, the director of Nevada's Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy. Officials earlier this month removed 50,000 gallons of pentane from the plant to reduce the possibility of explosions.

Jessica Ferracane, park spokeswoman, said preparations are ongoing to reopen Chain of Craters Road as an emergency evacuation route through the park, should lava make Highway 130 impassable.

Kilauea rumbled back to life on May 3 as it began extruding lava and sulphur dioxide emissions through a series of fissures, marking the latest phase of an eruption cycle that has continued almost non-stop for 35 years.

Hawaii man Darryl Clinton has told how molten rock almost sheared his leg in half when he was hit over the weekend. A friend wrapped a sheet around his leg and called for help.

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"It hit and it set me on fire and it basically snapped my leg in half about right above the ankle", Clinton said as if he were discussing the weather.

"Methane gas can seep into subsurface voids and explode when heated, or as shown in this image, emerge from cracks in the ground several feet away".

Clinton says he doesn't regret not evacuating.

Explosive bursts of lava, steam and ash are the new normal on the Big Island, and rivers of lava continue to threaten homes - as well as a geothermal electrical plant. Laze, a word combination of lava and haze, contains hydrochloric acid steam along with volcanic glass particles. There has been continuous low-level ash emission from Kilauea's summit with larger explosions every few hours, said U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Mike Poland.

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