Deadpool apologizes to David Beckham for making fun of his voice


SGReynolds-as-Deadpool issues an apology

Ahead of Deadpool 2, Reynolds reignited the campaign to get Jackman to put on the adamantium claws and the mutton chops once again for a reunion with his X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star. But Jackman has had it with the hijinks. One user said that perhaps the actor is being held hostage by Deadpool which is why he is sharing the love. Blake [Lively, Reynolds' wife], the fam, the whole thing. Play a little hard to get.

Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine after his stellar performance in Logan has been on the top of a number fans' wish lists.

So ahead of Deadpool 2's release next Friday May 18 in theaters nationwide, he took it upon himself to stop back Beckham's house to issue a personal apology.

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Ryan has reprised his role as the masked anti-hero for his upcoming Marvel sequel, "Deadpool 2", but reveals the form-fitting full-body costume left him with a fear of becoming ill, too.

While this response is certainly amusing, matching the style of Reynolds' requests, it does send a clear message: Jackman is not interested in returning to the role of Wolverine.

CinemaBlend managing director Sean O'Connell called Deadpool 2 "the ideal sequel" that takes what made the first film so great and punches it up to the highest power.

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Ryan Reynolds makes his debut appearance on Indian Television, taking over Super Sunday on Kent Cricket Live in a confluence of the "Deadpool Kind". The video sees Becks watching the scene that mentions him in the first Deadpool film - and rewinding it to watch it again with an unimpressed look on his face.

Beckham is just one of many to have been mocked by the character, but in the clips it appears to have got to the former footballer.

Following the critical success of Logan past year the Aussie star, 49, said that he was stepping down from his role as the X-Men's most grumpy hero.

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