Trump's travel ban faces Supreme Court reckoning

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Supreme Court Hears Trump's Travel-Ban Case

President Donald Trump appears likely to win his travel ban case at the Supreme Court.

The ban itself has had to jump through several legal hoops, with lower courts blocking many of its mandates and the ban having to go through two major revisions. Every rational indication is that the Supreme Court is going to deliver Korematsu 2.0 to their shame, sometime in June.

The New York Times is not alone in its assessment.

That would have given the government reason to be optimistic, and today's argument might have reinforced that optimism: Although it's always risky to make predictions based on the oral argument, it's hard to see how Hawaii can pick up the five votes that it needs to strike down the president's order. "The population of the predominantly Muslim countries on this list make up about 8 percent of the world's Muslim population", said Justice Samuel Alito in the recording.

When Katyal noted that Trump has had more than enough time to go to Congress and ask them to write the travel ban into law, but has made no attempts to do so, Chief Justice John Roberts quipped, "Imagine, imagine, if you can, that Congress is unable to act when the President asked for legislation".

The brief implementation of the travel ban led to chaos at airports. There are other justifications that jump out as to why these particular countries were put on - on the list. That order banned people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan from coming to the United States, but the court chose to dismiss the case as moot when the policy expired before the scheduled arguments. Two previous versions were temporary.

"It is an order that is based on a multiagency, worldwide review that applied neutral criteria all across the world and concluded, under those neutral criteria, most of the world was fine, but a small part of it failed to provide us with that minimum baseline of information, the minimum, not the ideal, the bare minimum - terrorism history, criminal history - that we need to protect the country", Francisco said.

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The administration says the latest travel ban was the result of careful study.Justice Sotomayor pointed out that the underlying report has not been made public.

During today's argument, the Court focused primarily on the broader issue of whether the Proclamation exceeded the President's authority under federal immigration law.

During the tenures of Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, almost four years went by before the Supreme Court weighed in on their uses of presidential power.

"I teach at a Title One school and I have Muslim students and many students of color", she said to TMN. Between the travel ban and the proposed wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, that idea of exclusion is fueling the resistance to Trump and firing up liberals for this year's midterms.

The court will consider whether the president can indefinitely keep people out of the country based on nationality. If a mayoral candidate made hateful statements and then acted on them once elected, he said, wouldn't that be relevant?

At a 2015 rally, for example, Trump declared, "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States ..."

Arguments for and against the ban fall along two axis, according to Vox.

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Meanwhile, opponents of the ban felt the goof perfectly represented the Trump administration's tone-deaf approach toward Islam.

Trump's first travel ban, issued right after he took office, was blocked by several USA courts.

"We've always been very sensitive about nation of origin discrimination", Chin said. In that situation, could the President ban the entry of Syrian nationals on that one day?

One in five residents is an immigrant and many more are direct descendants of people who were the first in their families to move to the country, including Chin himself, whose parents came to the USA from China in 1958. There is a "fundamental transformation" from candidate to president, and only the comments of the sitting president would trigger constitutional questions.

"My family members can not come here-those who don't have citizenship, so it impacts me personally and it impacts the state of Minnesota with a large east Africa population", he said.

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono also was in attendance during Wednesday's argument.

Francisco also got some notable support from conservative Justices who indicated they were most hesitant about second-guessing the President on an issue of national security, while Katyal got some significant support from liberal Justices who suggested that Congress was the primary actor on immigration and had already taken the action needed to regulate access to entry visas.

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Hirono is an immigrant who came to the USA from Japan as a child. She and Kagan also questioned Francisco closely about whether the ban discriminates against Muslims.

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