The government's rules for reporting gender pay gaps are toothless. Here's why

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Stansted plane stock

The average hourly rate paid to women in the bank is 59 per cent lower than men, and the bonus pay is 86 per cent lower than men.

Why is this happening now?

But when FactCheck contacted them today, the government wouldn't comment on whether they have plans in place to tackle employers who pay men more than women.

If all men and women working at a firm are put in two separate lines in order of salary, the median pay gap would be the difference in salary between the woman in the middle of her line and the man in the middle of his.

Any businesses that do not respond within that timeframe will be investigated and named and shamed, the commission said.

Its mean pay gap - based on the average hourly salary of staff - was 17% as of April 2017, and the mean gap between the amount of bonus given was 49% in favour of males, it said. Below, you'll find the eligible agencies and media companies with the smallest and biggest gender pay gaps in favour of men.

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The biggest gap for a well-known United Kingdom company was found at lingerie group Boux Avenue which found that women earned on average 75.7% less than men on a median basis.

Gender Pay Gap Still Persists - Overall, women earn 77.9 cents for every dollar earned by men across the entire labor market, defined as the "uncontrolled pay gap" by PayScale.

"Employers must address the root causes of inequality, from reducing bias and increasing transparency in recruitment, appraisal and promotion processes to normalising flexible working, for men and women, and offer financially viable parental leave packages", she said.

Its mean gender pay gap for bonuses paid during the reporting period is 30% in favour of women, and the median gender pay gap for bonus payments is 96%.

For example, at HSBC Holdings Plc, Britain's biggest bank, women earn on average 59 percent less than men, a figure skewed by the fact that less than a quarter of senior managers are female. Women make up the vast majority of cabin crew staff though - 405 to 181 men.

'Years out of the workforce raising children permanently reduces women's earnings.'

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But the party also showed a bonus gap of nearly three per cent in favour of men. And judging by the results, organizations have a long way to go. Too often they don't get considered for better paid roles, and because they don't get the same chances as men, they lose the aspiration to apply for the higher paid jobs.

North Hertfordshire district council reported the highest gap of 34.0%, which means on average women earn 66p for every £1 that men earn.

The University of Birmingham described its pay gap as an "ongoing challenge" but said it was "strongly committed to removing barriers to equality".

The Bill, as now drafted, provides that the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission can put in place a scheme to require employers with 50 or more employees to regularly report on their gender pay gap.

Australia recently mandated gender pay gap reporting for most companies, while in Germany a new law will require businesses with more than 500 employees to reveal their pay gaps.

Others might simply point out it shows the need to help women become commercial pilots.

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High Street brands Costa, KFC, Matalan, McDonald's, Primark and Starbucks reported no difference in what they paid their female and male staff.

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