Terrorist Attack Victims Seek to Restart Lawsuit Against Facebook After Zuckerberg Testimony

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Facebook receives all of this data as well, Baser said, as well as information on which website or app is being used.

As it turns out, Facebook, which is in the business of gathering as much data from as many people as possible in order to run precisely targeted ads, gets its information about you from many sources, not just what's on the profiles of its users.

"Facebook provides a network where the users, while getting free services a lot of them consider useful, are subject to a multitude of nontransparent analyses, profiling, and other mostly obscure algorithmical processing", said Johannes Caspar, the data protection commissioner for Hamburg, Germany.

Cambridge Analytica, which did work for U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign, has been under intense scrutiny for the past month after the New York Times and the Observer reported that it improperly gained access to personal data of millions of Facebook users. First: your data is being shared even when you're logged out of Facebook.

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"The sheer volume, magnitude, and frequency of Facebook's controversies strongly suggests that the company's whack-a-mole approach is insufficient - Facebook needs to institutionalize stronger risk oversight mechanisms", Trillium said in a letter to fellow Facebook shareholders.

"When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you're logged out or don't have a Facebook account", product management director David Baser said in a post on the social network's blog.

As well as details pulled from your social and professional circle that you may not have consented to share with the company, Facebook's file on you also contains information on your web browsing through use of embedded "like" and "share" buttons.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing regarding the company's use and protection of user data on Capitol Hill in Washington, US, April 11, 2018. Google has a popular analytics service.

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Other people who own Facebook shares have profited as well. Finally, Facebook ads and measurement tools facilitate websites and apps with advertisements.

Baser clarified that the data received from other websites and apps also helped Facebook improve the content and ads shown on the social networking site.

Facebook also lets users tweak their ad preferences with the option of opting out of the target and interest-based ads for better control. ".when you see a YouTube video on a site that's not YouTube, it tells your browser to request the video from YouTube". This, Facebook says its what it uses to make targeted ads or make its content better. "YouTube then sends it to you", notes the blog post.

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