Senator Cory Booker Grilled Mike Pompeo on His Anti-LGBTQ Views

Jim Lo Scalzo  EPA via Shutterstock

Jim Lo Scalzo EPA via Shutterstock

"Frankly, both the administrations, every administration, Republican and Democrat alike, we provide arms sales necessary, consistent with that one-China policy", Pompeo said when answering questions from Republican Senator Cory Gardner during a nomination hearing at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The CIA chief told senators that he has been miscast as a "hawk" despite previous comments savaging the Iran accord and hinting at regime change in North Korea.

Under questioning, he said he would be unlikely to resign as secretary of state if Trump were to fire Mueller.

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Booker raised a troubling statement that Pompeo once made as a congressman in which he called homosexuality "perversion" during a speech he made as a congressman.

"I think it's important as much as America has done for quite some time". He said a long list of punitive actions taken under Trump show the USA takes the threat from Russian Federation seriously, adding that "we need to push back in each place we confront them", including the economic and cyber arenas. co-founder will remain jailed
President Donald Trump this week signed a law making it easier to prosecute website operators in the future. The Texas Attorney General's office said has pleaded guilty to human trafficking in Texas.

13 March the US President dismissed the former head of the US State Department Rex Tillerson. He then said he couldn't recall exactly what was discussed at that meeting.

Citing a news article, Menendez asked Pompeo about a meeting at the White House past year when the president asked the CIA director and Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, to remain behind to speak with him. Pompeo suggests the US needs to impose more sanctions on Russian Federation.

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