Saudi forces shoot down 'toy drone' near royal palaces

Israel-Saudi liaison

Drone shot down near Saudi King's palace

Saudi activists on the social media also called into question the Saudi government's story, saying that no toy drone was involved as there are no video footages showing the downing of the toy drone.

The official statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Sunday added that a new "regulation for the use of remote-controlled drones is in its final stages".

A spokesman for the Riyadh police said forces at a checkpoint in the Khozama district identified the drone and "dealt with it according to their orders", state news said without specifying if there were any injuries or damage. Reports confirmed that King Salman was not inside the palace during the incident.

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Saudi official said King Salman was not at the palace when the incident took place. Reuters was unable to independently verify the videos' authenticity.

In October 2017, two security guards were killed by Mansour al-amri, a young Saudi national armed with Kalashinkov rifle who drove up to a gate of the king's palace in Jeddah.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir has repeated this offer to the United States with the hope that this time Washington will take it more seriously.

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As part of Saudi Arabia's social and economic reforms outlined in Vision 2030 and spearheaded by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Ministry of Culture and Information announced the landmark decision in December to allow commercial cinemas to operate in the Kingdom from this year.

Those moves have helped MBS consolidate his position in a country where power had been shared among senior princes for decades and religious figures exercised significant influence on policy.

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