Malala finally gets to visit Swat Valley; amid heavy security

Security high in Pakistan's Swat but Nobelist's visit uncertain

Malala visits hometown in Swat Valley

'We want to make it possible that every girl in Pakistan receives a high-level education and she can fulfil her dreams and become a part of society, she said.

She entered her childhood home accompanied by her father, mother and brother.

Pakistani Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai (C) poses for a photograph with her family as she arrives at her home in Mingora, Swat valley, Pakistan, on Saturday. She is scheduled to return to London on Monday.

Malala had been shot in the head there by the Taliban for her promotion and propagation of of female education.

She received initial treatment in Pakistan and was later taken to Britain, where she continued her education and went on to win the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the youngest-ever prize victor and garnering global renown.

Malala Yousafzai visited her hometown in Pakistan for the first time since she was shot by Islamic militants there in 2012.

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After flying by army helicopter to the northwestern region from Islamabad, she met with friends and family before visiting the all-boys Swat Cadet College Guli Bagh, some 15 kilometres (nine miles) outside of Mingora, the district's main town.

The four-day tour of "Gul Makai" is being kept secret owing to security concerns and newsmen were not allowed to interact with the educationists on Friday, though, Malala gave interviews to leading TV channels.

Malala returned to Pakistan in a surprise visit in the early hours of Thursday.

"They are lucky to have many role models like you [Hamid Mir] to follow", she told the interviewer.

Meetings with the prime minister - as well as other world leaders - might seem a far cry from a schoolgirl's life in the Swat Valley, but Malala said some aspects of her life, like attending Oxford, were longtime dreams.

"We welcome Malala and the slogan that she has raised - one pen, one teacher". The security was extraordinary as the Taliban had warned in the past that they would again target her again if she came back to Pakistan. And it declared November 10 Malala Day - a day of action to focus on "Malala and the 32 million girls like Malala not at school".

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Hassan said Yousafzai and her family were not afraid of going to Swat, where Taliban militants wounded her six years ago.

Malala has been visiting Pakistan since Thursday, her first trip home since she was shot and airlifted overseas for treatment.

Malala was transported to Swat in a helicopter which landed in Circuit House from where she went straight to the Khapal Kor Foundation.

She vowed to return upon completion of her education overseas.

Speaking to the students of Cadet College, she said: "Peace has been restored in the country due to sacrifices of security forces".

The school is a symbol of Malala's efforts towards ensuring provision of quality education among children in areas, which have been deeply conservative and have barred girl education. She has also written a book, spoken at the United Nations and met with refugees.

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"What I want is for people to support my goal of education and think about the daughters of Pakistan who need an education", she told the newspaper.

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