Live Nation's gender pay gap is 46% in the UK

Ryanair reveals UK gender pay gap of 67 per cent

Sunderland Association Football Club reports an 85.1% mean gender pay gap

According to the company's gender pay gap report, the average (mean) hourly rate of its female members of staff is 33.7% lower than men, a disparity that's worse than the UK's average rate of 18.4%.

Cricket and tennis are the sports with the largest disparities between men's and women's pay, figures released by the Government have revealed.

Companies who do not provide their figures could face legal action including court orders and fines.

Some 9,146 employers have now reported the data after a late surge in numbers.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water's chief executive, said: "Although our gender pay gap figures are significantly below the national average, we are in no way complacent with our current levels of gender diversity".

MP SARAH Champion offered to help businesses in Rotherham draw up plans to close their gender pay gap.

Marines Dead amid USMC CH-53E Crash
A CH-53E Super Stallion, used mainly for heavy lifting of military equipment, comes down near El Centro, close to Mexico's border. There were no reports of injuries to personnel on the ground or damage to the infrastructure at the airport.

They are required to publish the mean and median gap between the pay and bonuses of men and women, what percentage of men and women receive bonuses, and how many men and women there are in each quartile of their pay scale.

Figures from the Football Association show the average hourly pay for a man at the organisation was 23.2% higher than for a woman.

Yorkshire Water has revealed it has a 4.8 per cent mean gender pay gap compared to the national average of 17.4 per cent. It said men and women in similar jobs were paid equally, but it was taking steps to get more women into senior roles.

For median hourly rates, the budget airline pays women just 28p for every £1 earned by men. By finding out what their colleagues earn they are then in a position to challenge any pay inequality.

By selecting a sample of teenagers, the author hoped to sample the pay gap at the least affected point possible.

"Having a pay gap is not unlawful", an EHCR spokesperson said.

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DiVincenzo who is nicknamed 'The Big Ragu' broke quite a few records as he helped Villanova clinch the 2018 NCAA Championship. DiVincenzo was just a cheerleader and practice squad player for Villanova during that championship run in the 2015-16 season.

Sony noted that more than half of new recruits were women during the past year, with more than a third from BAME backgrounds. Only 13% of women received a bonus in 2017.

Universal has reported a median pay gap of 16.7% and a mean pay gap of 29.8%. This is the most precious thing we have in our life and yet we will pay a plumber, £35 ($49) an hour to mend the boiler.

Finally, you need to create an action plan off the back of this analysis - this is not now mandatory but Fawcett has argued that it should be, and we urge all employers to set out what they intend to do to close the gap.

The company employs more than 6,000 workers in the UK and operates in three segments - Apple (UK) Ltd, Apple Europe Ltd and Apple Retail UK Ltd.

Of the carrier's 554 pilots, more than 540 are men; meanwhile its lower paid cabin crew are predominantly female.

It said it aimed to recruit an increasing number of women in graduate and experienced roles.

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Some 8.4 million people do not know how they will get their next meal, according to United Nations estimates. The conflict has fanned the world's worst recent cholera outbreak and put many on the brink of starvation.

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