Jeremy Corbyn criticised for meeting radical group Jewdas amid anti-Semitism row

Screen capture from video of UK Labour party National Executive Committee member Christine Shawcroft

Screen capture from video of UK Labour party National Executive Committee member Christine Shawcroft

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by his own of MPs of acting "irresponsibly and dangerously" by attending an event hosted by a far-left Jewish group which called for the destruction of Israel and dismissed the anti-Semitism row engulfing the party as "faux-outrage".

Confirming Mr Corbyn's attendance at the Jewdas event, a spokesman for the Labour leader said that he had attended an event with Jewish people from his constituency in a personal capacity.

John Woodcock, a member of parliament who has criticized Corbyn in the past, said his attendance was "irresponsible and dangerous" and it was "deliberately baiting the mainstream Jewish community days after they pleaded with him to tackle antisemitism".

The Jewish Labour Movement, who has already criticized Corbyn's relations with the Jewish community, said the Labour leader's presence at the event "topped off the worst week on record of terrible relations between the Labour Party and the Jewish community".

Jon Lansman, the leader of Momentum, a Corbyn-supporting grassroots movement that wants Labour to implement socialist policies such as wealth distribution, said the party needed to do more to tackle antisemitism.

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On Monday, Momentum's National Coordinating Group (NCG) released a statement acknowledging the anger of Britain's Jewish community at the "numerous" cases of anti-Semitism within Labour and the party's failure to deal with them "in a sufficiently decisive, swift and transparent manner".

"And he must know that meeting them now will give his members the message that the group's extreme views are ok".

Labour released the figures on the day that its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, make a visit to Swindon, where all the Sure Start Centres have closed.

"And he in his first act towards the Jewish community has gone to sit with a group who describe the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies' actions as being a cynical ploy".

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Corbyn has come under sustained pressure over allegations of anti-Semitism within his party.

Jewdas responded to the criticism on Twitter, posting: "Great that there's so much interest in our work tonight!"

The Sunday Times reported that some senior Labour staff workers were members of Facebook groups that made anti-Semitic and violent comments. Please feel free to make a donation!'

"It is hard to imagine how this duplicitous man can claim to be remedying antisemitism within the Labour party", said campaign chairman Gideon Falter. They are just Jews who disagree with other Jews.

He is facing demands to speed up the investigations into a backlog of around 70 complaints, including one against his close ally, Ken Livingstone.

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Mr Corbyn says one thing and yet his support for the now notorious East End mural by a graffiti artist that portrayed Jewish bankers playing Monopoly on the back of naked slaves suggests that for all his warm words expressed in the Black Country yesterday his political convictions on the issue are relatively new found.

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