Free apple on Delta flight ends up costing woman $500

Tadlock's healthy snack turned into a tough reality to stomach

Tadlock's healthy snack turned into a tough reality to stomach

She says US customs clearly saw this apple came from an airline. However, she was fined for it by a U.S. Customs agent abusing his power.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, though, found the apple during a random search when her flight landed in Minneapolis before moving on to Denver, reported BBC News.

Tadlock told Fox 31 she was frustrated with the ordeal and pointed to the Delta logo on the wrapper, showing the fruit came from the airline.

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"It is very unfortunate some body needed to experience that and also be treated as a criminal over a parcel of fruit", she informed KDVR.

Tadlock says a Delta flight attendant handed her an apple towards the end of her flight from Paris.

After returning home from a trip to France [VIDEO], Colorado native Crystal Tadlock received a hefty fine from the us #customs and Border Protection. She wasn't hungry at the time so she threw the snack in her bag and planned to eat it during the second leg of her trip back to Denver.

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According to regulations from U.S. Customs and Border Protection: "It is best not to bring fresh fruits or vegetables into the United States" and all fruit must be declared for inspection, with failure to do so potentially resulting in a fine. She says delta shouldn't have handed out apples or at least warned passengers not to take them off the plane. And I said yeah.

Dvaladze said she was sleeping on an overnight flight from Seattle to Amsterdam in April 2016 when a man sitting beside her repeatedly grabbed her crotch. "They were trying to be supportive, but it was obvious they had no clear guidelines", Dvaladze recalled.

"He immediately wanted me to pay the $500 right then and there, which I objected and I didn't want to do that", she said.

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"A lot of airlines don't want to be identified as the airline that has the problem", Dvaladze added.

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