Facebook failed to eliminate discriminatory housing ads, lawsuit says

How to download your Facebook data

Facebook responds to Android data collection furore

For example, if you've been a Facebook user for more than a decade, it could take up to 10 minutes for the company to send you your data. Did I really give permission for it to be collected and stored? "We changed our whole mission and company focus to reflect this a year ago". We also need to work to bring people closer together.

Just go to general account "settings" and look for the link at the bottom of the page that reads "Download a copy of your Facebook data". Click on download to start the process. So, my fault I suppose. This happened when I joined, and Facebook asked if I wanted to connect with other friends, by importing my contacts from my computer, which happened to have their phone numbers and sometimes addresses.

US and foreign law enforcement agencies are investigating Facebook after it was revealed the company Cambridge Analytica harvested data from 50 million Americans' profiles for the 2016 Presidential Election. Amid calls for investigations in the USA and United Kingdom, the FTC begins investigating whether Facebook broke its 2011 consent decree.

Australians are one of the biggest users of this service with more than 13 million Aussies signed up to Messenger according to Facebook's own data.

Android maker Google hasn't responded to requests for comment, but Facebook says Android users explicitly opt-in for this feature when they download its messenger app or a slimmed down version of the social network called Facebook Lite.

Barclays agrees $2bn fine in United States for mortgage misselling
Pre-tax profits rose 10% to £5.3bn for 2017, but the bank reported an after-tax loss of £1.9bn. The British group agrees to make a disbursement of 2 billion dollars (1.623 billion euros).

"It's suppose to be private, you're having this app on your phone, you're not thinking they're collecting this data saved somewhere", she says.

How to download your Facebook data?

What about third-party apps seeing my data? Even though he himself is not on Facebook, his contact information is still being used to connect people.

Hill: Yeah, the reason I got interested in this is because I was trying to figure out why people were getting such creepy "people you may know" suggestions.

However there is no indication that Facebook will change what it does with user's data. But some Android users may have granted that permission without realizing it, before Android tweaked how its permissions work. Facebook will email you when your archive is ready.

Palestinians mourn border dead
Gaza City's Shifa Hospital received 284 injured people Friday, the majority with bullet injuries, said spokesman Ayman Sahbani. Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour said he was disappointed the council didn't condemn what he called a "heinous massacre".

At first sight there was nothing very troubling - I would expect all the photos and videos I'd ever posted to be there, and scrolling down my timeline provided an entertaining glimpse of my life over the last decade. You can see topics for privacy basics and Facebook's data policy.

But then I clicked on a file called contacts.

Even missed mobile phone calls were listed in the data.

The plaintiffs in the case created an ad campaign and found that they were able to exclude women and families with children, as well as people whose Facebook profiles expressed interest in areas related to other protected characteristics: disabled veterans, disabled parking permits, English as a second language and the Spanish-language media platform Telemundo.

GSLV successfully launches GSAT-6A Satellite
The satellite in conjunction with GSAT-6 will provide strong connectivity to remote places with deprived mobile networks. For the duration of the countdown, the rocket is going to be fuelled up and its systems are all set to get checked too.

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