Dwayne Johnson & 'Rampage' Cast Hit London for Big Premiere!

Dwayne Johnson talks about that feud with Vin Diesel

'Probably not a great career move!' Richard Wilkins bravely pokes fun at Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson over his 2010 critical flop The Tooth Fairy on the Today show

In the new sci-fi monster adventure film, Johnson plays a primatologist who teams up with a unique albino gorilla to battle other fearsome creatures that have been enhanced by a rogue experiment. It turns out George inhaled a mysterious gas from one of those canisters - as did a wolf in Wyoming and a crocodile in the Everglades.

You know what might make an intriguing, revealing movie?

Here's the thing: Rampage is not, strictly speaking, a bad movie.

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Photo A scene from "Rampage", directed by Brad Peyton. That doesn't seem to be happening now after a script retooling, however. He relishes every sweet, honey-accented line delivery, but he too, is even upstaged, by the SuperCroc, who makes possibly the most memorable entrance of the year. The movie may not have much more on its mind than the games about city-wrecking creatures that inspired it (and the cliche-ridden B-movies that inspired them), but at the same time it usually avoids pretending otherwise. But Rampage is also exactly what it sold itself as: a big, silly, loud, dumb piece of hyperbolic escapism starring a living cartoon.

"I try to support that with good storytelling, emotion and rationalisation, as to how someone could do all this stuff, but it's wonderful how much people just want to believe it. People want to get on the ride with Dwayne".

As for the supporting characters in Rampage, they're about as ridiculous and cartoonish as the "genetically edited" monsters wreaking havoc.

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Unfortunately, it's the great Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is responsible for a majority of the latter. But CRISPR was diverted and fell into the hands of the villainous Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman), who is looking to make lots of money off of the technology with the help of her bumbling henchman Brett (Jake Lacy). The rest of the ensemble is rounded out by familiar faces like Joe Manganiello, P.J. Byrne, and Will Yun Lee, but for the most part they serve as little more than glorified extras. There's so much littering the slate at the moment and numerous titles said to be on the way have seemingly stalled. However, we have yet to see The Rock play the popular DC Comics anti-hero, much to our disappointment. This week, Johnson goes up against some classic video game characters when Rampage opens up.

After an insanely terrible "genetic editing" formula is accidentally unleashed, three wild animals are transformed into giant mutants who go on a, yes, rampage. "Rampage" comes to theaters almost nine years after Warner Bros. acquired the game as part of its $33-million purchase of bankrupt publisher Midway Games in 2009.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, action and destruction, brief language, and crude gestures.

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