Armenia's ruling party says will not nominate candidate for PM

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According to Pashinyan, either he is elected prime minister or no one is.

Supporters of Armenia's protest leader Nikol Pashinian staged further protests on Sunday - two days ahead of a key election that could see Pashinian rise to power. If the HHK sticks to its promise then the decision heads off a possible constitutional crisis that could easily lead to violence. Despite "a certain progress", the MP called on "non-violent actions of civil disobedience", Interfax quoted him as saying during a Facebook Live broadcast.

"I have very important job to do at the National Assembly in the morning".

Protesters in the capital Yerevan took to the streets to celebrate Sargsyan's resignation. I wonder how Armenia's representatives of the Karabakh clan will react to it.

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On April 23, at 16:00, Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned as widespread protests entered the 11th day.

Parliament said a vote will be held May 1 to elect a new leader, potentially leading the way out of the post-Soviet nation's biggest political crisis in years.

The Prosperous Armenia Party, which holds 31 seats, threw its weight behind Pashinyan on Saturday.

The second largest parliamentary faction, the Tsarukian Alliance, has also pledged to support Pashinian.

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"By not putting forward a candidate, we will avoid confrontation and an increase in security risks. we are not putting anyone forward in the state's interest", he told reporters. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned his Armenian counterpart at the end of last week and said the crisis should be resolved "within the constitution". Two major parties are already backing Pashinian, but the opposition lawmaker is still six votes short of the 53 he needs from the 105-seat legislature. Karapetyan is an ally of Sarksyan and a member of his ruling Republican Party. Armenia's Acting Prime Minister is refusing to agree to that scenario.

But there is still time for surprises.

Armenia's parliament will vote for a new premier on May 1. It has kept a tight lid on protests in its own country, but is now watching as demonstrations in a close ally are forcing the ruling Armenian elite to make concessions, setting a regional precedent it is unlikely to welcome.

He also said he was ready to meet with all the ruling party's lawmakers "simultaneously". "The opposition movement should do everything in its power to enable the process to bring about a real change". Opponents said the new system would have allowed Sargsyan to remain Armenia's leader indefinitely. "I may guarantee that there will be no government in Armenia in the near future that will say anything different from that". "The country is going towards complete destruction if we keep going this way".

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Russian Federation conceives that the situation in Armenia was prompted by domestic factors and not foreign forces, Fyodor Lukyanov, political analyst, editor-in-chief of Russian Federation in Global Politics magazine, told Sputnik Armenia. "Armenia's worldwide standing has doubled, tripled", Pashinian said seperately, reports EVN Report. "If there is any real concrete suggestion, we will discuss it", he said.

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