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Donald Trump replaces HR McMaster with foreign policy hawk John Bolton as national security adviser

John Bolton, the Anti-McMaster

"They're anxious about the pressure that the president has already put on". He replaced Michael Flynn, one of Trump's most trusted national security advisers, after he was forced to step down for lying to investigators about contacts with Russian Federation during the presidential transition.

Bolton's full-throated defense of a United States unfettered by global restraints is music to Trump's ears.

Carter, who is now 93, has remained active on the world stage and met with foreign leaders since leaving the White House in 1981. With over a year to get his sea legs, Trump is feeling his oats and remaking the administration more in his image by surrounding himself with like-minded hawks.

He's also spoken frequently of war as likely being the best and only real option when it comes to North Korea.

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, one of the so-called axis of adults, has always tried to keep the sharp-elbowed Bolton from White House meetings.

This illustrates why Bolton is so risky. Of all the factors that made Trump's actual policies, the most important was that the president was simply outnumbered by advisers who fundamentally disagreed with him on a broad range of issues.

"The appointment of John Bolton to National Security Advisor and the appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State demonstrate the administration's preference for conflict over diplomacy".

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"I think we have to look at what North Korea's motivation is here", Bolton said in an interview on the "Cats Roundtable" radio show.

Arriving at a time when Trump appears to be giving voice more to his own anti-globalist and unilateralist instincts, Bolton will no doubt encourage these tendencies with a kind of career-vindicating glee.

Those channels are now a mess because of the mutual contempt between the West Wing and outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Pressure group Human Rights Watch has denounced Pompeo as a defender of torture and discrimination against Muslims and homosexuals and wrote to urge the Senate to reject his appointment. Bolton is an ideologue of rare pedigree even for a George W. Bush vintage neoconservative.

Not only is there a split among neocons over the wisdom and morality of serving in a Trump administration, but there is a split in the larger conservative community over the appointment of Bolton. Gatestone is a virulently Islamophobic organization that peddles fake stories about Muslim immigrants in Europe fueling a "migrant rape crisis" in stories with headlines like "Refugees or an Occupation Army?".

His "war hawk" disposition, however, has many anxious how he will shake things up for the US military now that he is part of Trump's team.

However, John Bolton publicly supported marriage equality at state and federal level in the U.S since at least 2013 and in 2014 spoke out publicly against the anti-LGBT legislation in Uganda and Nigeria.

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Democratic Sen. Edward Markey of MA, on hearing the news of the Bolton appointment - which does not require congressional approval - tweeted: "Bolton played a key role in politicizing the intel that misled us into the Iraq War".

Bolton does not fit the standard Washington mold, for the basic reason that he cuts through the usual clutter that prevails at Washington foreign policy pow-wows. After Bush gave his famous "Axis of Evil" speech, then Under Secretary of State Bolton one-upped his boss with a speech called "Beyond the Axis of Evil", making sure the xenophobic vitriol was spread around.

While Hadley said he didn't agree with the heightened rhetoric sometimes favored by Trump and Bolton, the administration deserved some credit for its tough talk on North Korea - which may have helped pressure that nation to agree to talks with Trump. That pointed to Bolton's conclusion: "He's not going to relinquish those nuclear weapons voluntary".

Bolton will replace H.R. McMaster as part of President Trump's remaking of the White House. Bolton advocates regime change in Iran and is opposed to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. He said on Fox News "the only diplomatic solution left is to end the regime".

Trump agreed earlier this month to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un sometime in May, though a date has not officially been set.

He was once removed from a USA delegation taking part in six-party talks on North Korea after he called then-leader Kim Jong-il a "tyrannical dictator" who ran a country where "life is hell".

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of being a drum major for peace.

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