Full Moons for March 2018: The Full Worm Moon and Blue Moon

March will Come with Two Full Moons: When Can You See Them

There will be two full moons in March 18′; Where can you spot it?

While March's moons may not be as visually exciting as the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse that took place at the end of January, it still promises to be a attractive sight for those who are ready for spring!

First off in the Blue Moon which is often used to describe something that rarely occurs.

But across the world, this full moon in March is also known to farmers as the Crow Moon, the Sap Moon and the Lenten Moon. This moon will be the last one of the summer season for those living in the southern hemisphere and the last full month of the winter season for the people who live in the northern hemisphere.

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If you can't catch it then, don't worry: the moon will appear full for at least three days - from Thursday night through Saturday morning, according to NASA.

Full Moon: March 31, 8:37 A.M. If the first full moon of March will show up on the first day of the month, the seconds one will appear on the last day of the month, creating a attractive symmetry.

When is the Full Moon for March 2018? Thus, it is called Full Worm Moon.

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This month's full moon will appeal at its usual level of brightness as well as apparent size in the sky.

If you miss this worm moon altogether, you will still have a second chance to catch one this month. The moon is sometimes also called the "full sap moon" because it happens around the time that sap begins to flow. Learn more about the meaning of a Blue Moon. Hence no full moon in February. In March 2018, a Blue Moon will occur on the 31st.

This seasonal change became the reason behind people naming the next event as the "Worm Moon".

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Thursday night's full moon is set to reach 100 percent illumination at 7:51 p.m. ET and should rise about two hours earlier.

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