Ex-Google Recruiter Sues Company For Anti-White, Anti-Asian Hiring Bias

Image source Neon Tommy via Flickr

Image source Neon Tommy via Flickr

Wilberg claimed that Google implemented "clear and irrefutable policies" meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the company's overall diversity.

Google, on the other hand, completely rejected the claims, and says that their hiring policy strongly considers the merit of the candidate over the identities.

The Wall Street Journal, in reporting on Wilberg's lawsuit, noted that "people familiar with YouTube's and Google's hiring practices" corroborated both the hiring freeze and the use of quotas.

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The lawsuit, filed in January in California's San Mateo County Superior Court, alleges that Wilberg took his concerns about the company's hiring practices to human resources; a decision that led to his termination in November 2017. When Lee filed a complaint with H.R.at the company's urging, she said that Google declined to investigate. Black and Hispanic engineers, the racial groups Wilberg claims were unfairly favored by YouTube, together account for only 4 percent of Google's technical workforce.

Wilberg's lawsuit targets Google and 25 unnamed Google employees who allegedly enforced discriminatory hiring rules, quoting a number of emails and other documents.

In March 2017, a YouTube staffing manager shot an email to the recruiters stating: "Please continue with L3 [level three] candidates in process and only accept new L3 candidates that are from historically underrepresented groups". After writing a memo critical of Google's hiring practices, Damore was sacked and accused of misogyny for suggesting biological differences between men and women might explain, in part, why Google engineers are overwhelmingly male.

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"The stated objective of these policies was to achieve "Diversity" in the Google workforce and to manage public relations problems arising from the under-representation of women and certain minority groups in the Google workforce, particularly in engineering positions".

When presented with orders to cancel level-three software engineering interviews with anyone not either female, black, or Hispanic, and to purge applications from non-diverse employees in the hiring pipeline, Wilberg refused and faced retaliation as a result, it is claimed. In one case, the suit claims, hiring managers pressured Wilberg to make an applicant over 40 apply for a position he wasn't qualified for so the job seeker would fail to gain employment at Google. White or Asian employees actually made up 91% of Google's total workforce, which has barely changed in the past three years.

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