Daniel Bryan: 5 matches we need to see

Daniel Bryan's title win at Wrestle Mania 30 is regarded as one of the best moments of WWE's recent history

Daniel Bryan's title win at Wrestle Mania 30 is regarded as one of the best moments of WWE's recent history

Bryan had been sidelined since February of 2016 when he gave a "retirement" speech on Raw that didn't leave too many dry eyes in the house.

Daniel Bryan announced his return to in-ring action on Tuesday night, over two years after he was forced into retirement due to injury.

What do you make of the lengths Daniel Bryan went to in order to receive clearance from WWE? He made a name for himself all over the world, in companies including Ring of Honor, and Bryan ultimately became recognized as one of the most skilled technical wrestlers in the world.

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The announcement comes less than three weeks before WrestleMania 34, the company's biggest show of the year. This week's show will focus on the fallout of last week's attack on Commissioner Shane McMahon at the hands of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Wrestling fans have been torn between wanting Bryan back in the ring, but also understanding how serious an issue concussions are and not wanting him to risk long-term, serious health problems.

Sami and Kevin then proceed to beat down Bryan but he gets the upper hand and lays into both wrestlers. If Miz returned to SmackDown Live then sparks would surely fly and we could finally see these two, whose kayfabe story arc is as long as Bryan's WWE career, go at it again.. However, there had been a continuing battle for Bryan to try to get back to doing what he loves, and now that battle seems over to the delight of his fans and co-workers.

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It is also believed that Bryan will be staying in the WWE after his contract expires this September.

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Daniel Bryan was cleared by WWE medical staff to compete again inside the ring. Bryan is married to fellow WWE superstar Brie Bella, and has a daughter named Birdie.

While some storylines in wrestling blur the lines between reality and fiction, the absence of Daniel Bryan from in-ring action has been very much a real-life ordeal.

He was forced to drop his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2014 after winning at Wrestlemania 30 as he had to take time off to recover. All that matters is WWE's biggest underdog is back, picking up right where he left off and ready to wrestle for as long as he can.

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