Apple Announces Upcoming March 27 Event Focused on Education

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Apple Announces Upcoming March 27 Event Focused on Education

"Join us to hear new creative ideas for teachers and students", the invitation says.

On Friday, Apple began sending out press invitations to an event in Chicago at the end of March. While this process may be necessary in order to protect the battery, the fact remains that Apple was anything but transparent when it came to the issue of iPhone throttling - causing many people to go out and buy a new phone altogether when a simple battery replacement would have done the trick. There could also be new educational features that are going to arrive with iOS 11.3. It's highly likely that whatever Apple announces will be focused on education.

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As is to be expected, the details regarding the Apple education event were sparse.

It looks like Apple will have a first-quarter announcement after all.

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We'll find out what it has in store for the dwindling Chicago student population-and the rest of us-at 10am US Central time, March 27. The new Apple "Everybody Can Code" program recently expanded to 70 different colleges and universities in Europe.

We'll find out sooner than later, as we're less than two weeks away from Apple's "field trip". But on the other hand, we've been hearing rumors of new iPads being in the works, and an education-oriented event seems fit for their announcement.

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Microsoft attempted to recover some of the market with an education-focused event a year ago, and the launch of the Surface Laptop, but that still costs considerably more than most Chromebooks. A new iPad with Apple's high-end camera, which enables FaceID, Animoji, and ARKit features, may debut later this year.

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