Amazon's Alexa is making a creepy laughing sound at its users

Dot in San Francisco

Dot in San Francisco

Amazon have said that they are "working to fix" a glitch in Alexa devices after social media users said it started laughing randomly. The retailer said in an email that the laughs only happened "in rare circumstances" because the speaker was reacting to a "false positive" for the command "Alexa, laugh".

In addition, Alexa will no longer respond to that question with simple laughter but instead will say, "Sure, I can laugh" followed by laughter.

No, you're (probably) not being haunted, it's just Amazon's Alexa voice assistant malfunctioning in a profoundly creepy way. Alexa then interprets the phrase as a command and laughs.

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Some Alexa users have reported that their devices have been randomly laughing over the last day.

That technology could be a double-edged sword has struck home is a freaky way for the users of Amazon's Echo home speakers based on it AI software Alexa.

Another user recalled sitting in the living room with his mother when all of a sudden, Alexa started laughing. When Kimmel pressed for an answer, Alexa broke into peals of laughter, which she said was because of a amusing joke she just remembered. She simply just laughed. To make it worse, the casual laughter from the digital assistant sounds like a child giggling which if you hear it out of the blue, at night, and you're alone, can be extremely scary.

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Amazon says it is working on a solution to the problem.

Another Reddit user said that Alexa's laugh "scared the wife and my 5-year-old so badly that we unplugged her" (Alexa, not the 5-year-old, presumably). This explanation is flimsy at best and doesn't explain the instances of Alexa laughing when people were in bed asleep, or not talking.

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