Uma Thurman reveals she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein

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In the first "attack", which took place in Weinstein's suite at London's Savoy Hotel, "he pushed me down".

In November, actress Uma Thurman said she was waiting to speak out about sexual harassment and sexual assault until she felt less angry. He tried to expose himself.

Thurman told Dowd that an early encounter with Weinstein in a Paris hotel room in the 1990s ended with him suddenly appearing in a bathrobe and leading her to a steam room but that the first "attack" - the word appears in quotes - happened later in London. But he did not actually put his back into it and force me. I was doing anything I could to try and get away'. "My track. Not his track".

"I am one of the reasons that a young girl would walk into his room alone", she said.

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Thurman was able to maintain a working relationship with Weinstein, though she tended to avoid him, but she was coerced by a powerful man into a risky situation yet again on the set of Kill Bill. "All these lambs walked into slaughter because they were convinced nobody rises to such a position who would do something illegal to you, but they do".

Neither Weinstein's nor Tarantino's representatives immediately replied to a request for comment from HuffPost.

Hours later The Miramax co-founder apologised to Thurman, she said.

"Quentin and I had an enormous fight, and I accused him of trying to kill me". He eventually gave her the footage, which the Times included in their story. "And when I'm ready, I'll say what I have to say", she said.

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Weinstein, the executive producer of award-winning movies including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's "Good Will Hunting" and Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction", acknowledged making an "awkward pass" at Thurman but denied physical assault and emphasized a longstanding professional relationship with her.

A spokeswoman for Weinstein said in a statement that he was saddened and puzzled as to why someone he considers a colleague and friend had waited so long to make the allegations public. Later that month, she wished people a Happy Thanksgiving on Instagram, with a pointed qualifier. While filming Kill Bill, the star of the film was asked to drive the convertible from the famous scene where she kills Bill. She finally agreed to go upstairs and says she warned Weinstein that he would lose his career, reputation, and family if he assaulted others.

Two weeks after the crash, after trying to see the vehicle and footage of the incident, she had her lawyer send a letter to Miramax, summarizing the event and reserving the right to sue. Their working relationship shifted dramatically since the crash, with the director keeping the footage of the incident from her for 15 years, until the #MeToo movement provided her with the inspiration to seek police action on her own. "I tried to say no, I cried, I did everything I could do". "Not that it matters now, with my permanently damaged neck and my screwed-up knees". "I thought he was being super idiosyncratic, like this was your kooky, eccentric uncle", she recalled.

Video shows Thurman crashing into a tree.

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