Omarosa is back in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Omarosa Manigault on Celebrity Big Brother

Omarosa accused the White House of “backstabbing” her on “Celebrity Big Brother”

"Omarosa was sacked three times on "The Apprentice" and this is the fourth time we let her go", White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said.

Newman joined the show, which premiered earlier this week, after leaving the White House in December. She was going to be a clear target for Ross Mathews as HoH, provided that she was around.

Ms. Manigault-Newman served as director of communications in the Office of Public Liaison.

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"I was haunted by tweets every single day", she whined to Matthews.

Oh, and of course we should point out that there were all sorts of stupid conspiracy theories in the house that she was off somewhere sleeping to gain an advantage during the Power of Veto Competition, as though anyone is able to actually sleep all that well there.

Manigault also told Mathews that she'd never vote for Trump again. It's unclear how she was injured, but she was taken to the hospital and left the house for about 16 hours. "She has no contact now", he said. "It was like 'keep her away, ' 'don't give her access, ' 'don't let her talk to him.' It's like, Ivanka's there, Jared's there".

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Matthews asked Newman who in the White House has the power to stand up to Trump. I mean, I did, but I didn't, you know what I mean?

"I'm not there. It's not my ― it's not my circus, not my monkeys". "I like to say it's not my problem but I can't say that because it's bad".

Later in the conversation, she said Americans have reason to be concerned.

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Manigault wasn't back in the Big Brother house on Saturday morning but based on the pair's lighthearted tone, it appears her injuries aren't serious. "She's gonna be okay". The next episode is scheduled to air on Sunday, Feb 11 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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