Nunes Memo: Comey, Rosenstein Amongst Officers Who Licensed Warrants


Trump Reportedly Asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein If He Was 'On My Team'

The memo says the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Dept got a warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page by misleading a surveillance court judge.

That's a departure from Trump, who was asked Friday whether he has confidence in Rosenstein. Or when the president seemed much more concerned about what Rosenstein would say before the committee than in the deputy attorney general's plea for help to protect the Justice Department? According to the memo, FBI and DOJ staff also abused surveillance laws in the investigation of Trump campaign.

"Nobody's asked me to take a loyalty pledge, other than the oath of office", Rosenstein said.

'We write to inform you that we would consider such an unwarranted act as an attempt to obstruct justice in the Russian Federation investigation, ' the lawmakers wrote.

Former FBI Director, James Comey recently testified that President Trump said to him, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty", during a January 2017 meeting.

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Trump has at times dismissed the probe as a politically motivated "witchhunt".

"This lawsuit plainly seeks to interfere with Manafort's ongoing criminal prosecution", Justice Department attorneys wrote to Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday.

Questions were raised by some lawmakers about why Rosenstein did not recuse himself after he was interviewed by the special counsel's team about his role in the Comey firing. The FBI has said it has "grave concerns" that the memo leaves out important material, creating an inaccurate impression of its work.

According to two lawyers who have clients who have been swept up in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Donald Trump administration, they believe that the president may be indicted for obstruction of justice within the next few months.

However, Rosenstein stated that "I don't have any opinion about that. Rosenstein was joined in the meeting at the White House by FBI Director Christopher A. Wray".

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In his recent testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Rosenstein may have given insight into how he justifies his ethical balancing act.

"The reason it might be better to fire the boss is Rod Rosenstein sets the investigation", the California Democrat said. And it accuses Justice Department officials of bias against Trump. This is the ethical dilemma facing the deputy attorney general and he needs to make a choice: Is he loyal to Trump, or faithful to the Constitution?

The Justice Department apparently disagrees with Trump's assessment of the Russian Federation probe.

"The President understands that the protection of our national security represents his highest obligation", White House counsel Don McGahn wrote in the letter, which was dated Friday.

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