Nintendo Switch online service will arrive this September

Image via Nintendo

Image via Nintendo

Like the Xbox Live and the PS Plus subscriptions, getting the Switch Online will guarantee players free games every month.

The Switch outsold the Wii U's 13.5 million lifetime sales in just 9 months.

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First up, the company has explained that it expects the Nintendo Switch's lifespan to outlive that of traditional generations.

Sales of the Switch have hit 14.86m for the period since launch last March to the end of December.

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Nintendo has finally revealed the launch date for Nintendo Switch Online, the long-delayed subscription service that was supposed to be available to players as soon as the hybrid console was released in March 2017. That's an improvement over the Wii U versions; those failed to run at 60 fps, despite fan expectations. Better still: Most of those games are very good. Although Nintendo included a touchscreen on their popular new console, ideal for apps, it's just not taken advantage of often enough. If a small percentage of PlayStation 4 owners buy a game, it's still a lot of sales. Another difference is that the former two offer a few games a month, while Nintendo is said to offer the entire classic games' vault, and might also be offering discounts for newer games in addition to in-game benefits and bonuses. "This game helps to maximize the number of people who have access to Nintendo [intellectual properties] by providing a Mario game that a wide variety of users around the world can enjoy", Kimishima said. Lastly, I REALLY don't see this happening, but could you imagine how much money Nintendo could make if they made an official localization of Mother 3 available for the 3DS Virtual Console? But there is just one thing it's missing: Apps.

With an origami aesthetic, Mario and Luigi's dinosaur friend will be venturing out at some point during 2018 - Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima did not provide a more specific window during his February 1 financial report.

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