McDonald's Is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce

Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's Is Releasing A Podcast About The 'Rick And Morty' Sauce Riots

They're promising 20 million packets of the coveted stuff.

The fast food chain has announced that the sauce will be available at all southeast MI locations starting at lunchtime Monday, February 26.

Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's brought the sauce back a year ago for a limited time after fans of the TV show "Rick and Morty" petitioned for it. McDonald's, having seen the reaction, vowed to bring it back in proper this winter-even joking that it would "open any portal necessary" in reference to Rick and Morty-to make it happen.

Last fall, McDonald's acknowledged their supply grossly underestimated the demand after a joke in an episode of the cartoon Rick & Morty made the sauce go viral. We did not anticipate the overnight crowds, the cross-state travel and the fantastic curiosity, passion and energy fans showed.

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Customers shouldn't have to camp out Monday to find some Szechuan to dip their Chicken McNuggets in - all city locations will join every McDonald's nationwide in the re-release of the sauce. Fans were disappointed. People wept. So they announced they'd be bringing the sauce back for one day only in honor of "Rick & Morty". McDonald's is announcing the sauce's return today, February 22. "Our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet that demand". The sauce disappeared with the promotion but was revived a year ago by acclaimed animated sci-fi Rick & Morty.

Way back in October of 2017, McDonald's cause a bit of a frenzy by unleashing Rick and Morty's Szechuan sauce. What's more, the company is going to be releasing 20 million Szechuan Sauce packs in order to stop shortages, although when that supply runs out that is apparently going to be it. Those packages will be available with any purchase starting Monday, Feb. 26 and will be available until supplies last. The diehard fans, some of whom had shown up at the locations as early as 4 a.m., were furious at McDonald's. And how will the sauce be made available again?

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