Jeremy Corbyn joins calls for suffragettes to be pardoned

Women's suffrage: Labour will pardon suffragettes convicted while fighting for right to vote, says Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn Calls For Suffragettes to Be Pardoned One Hundred Years Later

The Home Secretary has said she will "look at" calls to pardon suffragettes who were treated as criminals during their fight for the right to vote.

Even though Amber Rudd has guaranteed she could "take a look", it was not "straightforward" for legal pardons to be granted for illegal acts which include arson.

Relatives of the Suffragettes, as well as leading lawmakers including Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, have backed the calls.

"We are proud to mark the anniversary of the Representation of the People Act - an Act that has given women across the generations the opportunity to have their voices heard".

In 1928, under the Equal Franchise Act, women in the United Kingdom were granted equal voting rights, increasing the number of eligible female voters from 8 million to 15 million.

Hanna Sheehy Skeffington
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington

She was the leader of the Suffragette movement.

'They made such sacrifices so that we could all enjoy the rights we have today.

"We're talking about a period where a significant number of women had taken over men's roles in the workplace after they had gone off to fight, and we're talking about a period where women for the first time had been involved with the armed forces, which was a great leap forward".

The Anti-Suffrage League was founded in 1908 by Mary Humphrey Ward, with support from two men: Lord Curzon and William Cremer.

In order to secure the right to vote, the Suffragettes waged a war of direct action.

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"It would be a fitting tribute to pardon them now". Yet while the suffragettes were inarguably more physical in their demonstrations, they were not using tactics the country had not seen before.

"My approach is much I would say about trying to work with the team ..."

Referencing the exclusion of some women from enfranchisement in 1918, novelist and broadcaster Bonnie Greer said political life for a woman is still "different, harder, less rewarding, more risky than it is for a man".

Ms Rudd spoke about the proposal as Prime Minister Theresa May praised the "heroism" of Britain's suffragettes, with politicians across the United Kingdom marking the centenary of some women being granted the vote.

Some 100 years since the Representation of the People Act passed on February 6 1918, which allowed women over 30 with certain property qualifications to vote, here are some of the famous and lesser-known women who championed the cause.

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In a speech in the northern English city of Manchester, the birthplace and home of the British suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, May will announce government measures meant to make sure social media firms are stamping out offensive content.

"There would have been a general acceptance that women were intellectually inferior and emotional - and women would have believed that as well as men - so they didn't have the capacity to make political judgements", she says.

The government also said it was spending more than $1.4 million to finance a similar effort.

Derby Day in 1913 marked a significant moment in the movement when Emily Davison threw herself in front of King George V's horse and was trampled to death, becoming a martyr.

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