Battle for Azeroth launches this Summer

World of Warcraft Legion

Above Blizzard introduced level-scaling

Some 13 years after it originally released in 2004, World of Warcraft continues to release new expansions. Or are you skipping this one out? These races include the Highmountain tauren, Lightforged draenei, Nightborne, and Void elves. Once the race is available, players can then create their new character, and these new races will begin at level 20.

"Battle for Azeroth brings a whole new dimension to the Horde-vs". Once you have completed a few Alliance quests and earned yourself the respect of an Allied Race, you will unlock the ability to use that race in character creation. Blizzard has been offering these instant boosts since Warlords of Draenor, the game's fifth expansion, was available for pre-purchase back in 2014. Thankfully, these requirements are account-wide, helping Alliance players unlock the Horde races fairly easily and vice versa.

Pre-purchasing the expansion - buying it outright ahead of time - comes with benefits. There's also two versions of the expansion competing for your cash: The Digital Deluxe Edition and the Standard Edition, which retail for £52.99 and £39.99, respectively. The press release says summer, and the disclaimer mentions "on or before September 21, 2018", the official "end" of summer.

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Ride proudly astride the Seabraid Stallion mount as you fight for the Alliance, or prove your allegiance to the Horde with the Gilded Ravasaur mount.

Overwatch: Champion your faction on the battlefields of tomorrow with Horde and Alliance voice lines for Torbjörn and emotes for Tracer; sprays featuring Anduin, Sylvanas, Jaina, and Varok Saurfang; and player icons representing Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

In Hearthstone, there's a new card back.

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StarCraft II: Make your mark on distant worlds with Horde- and Alliance-themed sprays.

- Heroes of the Storm®: Roar onto the Battlegrounds of the Nexus riding your Primal Flamesaber, a fiery new mount with three variants.

The last World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, launched in the summer of 2016- on the 30th of August to be more exact.

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