Apple's New $349 HomePod Speaker Is Ruining Some Customers' Wooden Tables

Apple HomePod 10+ things you should know before you buy

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The thing should start shipping next week, so maybe keep the HomePod in a safe space until then. Silicone-based cleaning products like Pledge are known to leave a white film with long-term use, although unlike what Apple says, I can't find any evidence of silicone gaskets causing damage to wooden furniture in the past. Well, those of you who have rings can try that.

Funnily enough, while the white ring might not stain Apple's image in the long run, the numerous amusing tweets and jokes that the Internet's collective hive mind came up with will live on.

"It wasn't the end of the world for us". If a white ring has been formed on your furniture, it is best that you let it be as it is or risk further damage to the wood. Good luck with that. "It will surely be a sore point for many potential buyers".

Two wrongs (or defects) don't make a right (or feature), however, and it's perfectly reasonable to expect to use smart speakers on common surfaces like desks and tables.

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Why? If it's bumpy or rigid, it might affect your HomePod and stop it from properly working.

It must be noted that HomePods are not meant to be put on a soft surface because of its down firing tweeters.

And Pogue's test isn't the only one that has placed Google Home Max and the SONOS One above the Apple HomePod.

Wirecutter reviewer John Chase said: "This really undermines the design aspect of the HomePod, especially if you were thinking of displaying it on some prized piece of furniture". In a support document, Apple says these marks are ' not unusual'; however, we've never encountered them before.

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Apple updated its help page to suggest "placing your HomePod on a different surface" if customers were concerned.

The Apple HomePod is capable of producing audio that sounds incredible, but it is far from being flawless. Now the company itself has confirmed the worrying issue.

Apple's HomePod is here and the sole goal of it, while Apple gets Siri up to task, is to outperform the existing options in the space - Amazon Echo and Google Home - in the sound department.

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The HomePod's A8 chip is estimated to cost US$25.50, while the external housing and other items come in at US$25.

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