Apple Workers Literally Hit The Wall, As New Campus Has Glass Hazard

Apple got a painful reminder that design and safety aren't friends

Apple's New Spaceship HQ Building Has Glass Walls So Clear Employees Are Taking Headers

According to a report from MarketWatch, Apple had to call emergency services to treat some minor cuts to the heads of employees who accidentally walked into the clear glass walls. But Apple management removed them because they didn't match the design of the building, Bloomberg reported.

The impressive construction is ring-shaped and stands as the centerpiece of the building and it appears to overflow due to the curved panels of glass.

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The Apple design guru Jony Ive considers Apple Park to be a masterpiece of design.

But after the Apple Park campus opened earlier this year, the technology giant has discovered one downside to its obsession with stylish aesthetics.

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Recognizing the problem, employees began to put sticky notes on glass doors so employees would know they were there.

MarketWatch asked Apple for comment on the issue and any mitigations it has sought to enact. The public needs to have an Apple badge to see the inside of the campus. The building is circular in shape featuring marvels of architectural concepts. "The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk". The construction team pushed back, but Apple held firm. It seems Apple didn't think about that and employees have been walking into glass walls unaware they are there. It's not entirely clear how many such incidents have occurred, though people who are supposedly familiar with the situation told Bloomberg that this is something that has happened repeatedly since the campus opened.

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Whilst there are some markings on these panes, it seems employees haven't quite adjusted to their new campus. It is a problem that needs fixing, though, as Apple could be in violation of California law, which states that, "employees shall be protected against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers or by conspicuous durable markings". A Silicon Valley-based spokeswoman for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration referred questions about Apple's workplace safety record to the government agency's website.

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