U.S. shutdown over, new deadline looms

Will GOP cave on DACA lead to biometric National ID cards

U.S. shutdown over, new deadline looms

Democrats blocked the resolution to pressure Republicans on immigration policy. "He would also have to address the issue of the chain migration, and that's a part that doesn't get talked about".

This bill extended government funding for three weeks and guaranteed that furloughed employees would receive compensation.This bill also reauthorized the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), an Obama-era program that provides low-priced health coverage to over five million children in families that do not qualify for Medicaid, that lost funding four months ago.Congressional Democrats voted in favor of the new version of the bill after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised immigration reform legislation and a vote on a DACA bill. Democrats have voiced their desires for initiatives that provide protection of immigrants brought into the US illegally as children, domestic spending increases and aid for Puerto Rico.

Among voters who support making permanent the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, 53 percent said that the shutdown was not worth it, while 43 percent said it was worth it.

The confusion was understandable, given that Trump has swung from a willingness to sign just about anything Congress sends him to an insistence that the bill include extensive funding for a wall along the Mexican border.

Democrats climbed onboard after two days of negotiations that ended with new assurances from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the Senate would consider immigration proposals in the coming weeks.

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"Whose genius idea was it to play dress-up hostage crisis with two of the most popular programs in the country anyway?" They obtained insurance for millions of kids but failed to protect young immigrants.

Despite Trump's remarks, Democrats remained cautious ahead of the unveiling of the White House framework.

As New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted Monday, after the deal was announced: "I yield to nobody in my desire to see Dems stand up to Trump". They also imply that this debate is not one around whether Dreamers should be allowed to stay, but what form their residency should take.

Donald Trump and the GOP.

That doesn't change the reality that in the short term, there is real pain.

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The last United States government shutdown occurred in 2013 when Republicans used it as a means to garner concessions on USA debt and funding for former President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare legislation, popularly called Obamacare.

He says the immigrants known as "Dreamers" shouldn't be anxious. They may not be able to work or to attend school.

What is happening to immigrants in this country right now - by order of this president and his advisers - is appalling. The House has a Republican majority and is much more ideologically conservative overall.

(1) A Broader Immigration Bill? They aren't even considered.

But even if a DACA bill is approved by the Senate, Durbin acknowledges there's no guarantee Speaker Ryan would bring it to the floor of the House. Even though McConnell's pledge was key to ending the stalemate, the House is going its own way.

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Schumer was referring to an offer he made Trump last week to authorize upward of $20 billion for his border wall, a signature campaign pledge for the President, in exchange for protecting recipients of DACA, young undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children.

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