Nintendo eShop adds Celeste on Switch, Pokémon Crystal on 3DS

What would be the best news to hear for Nintendo Switch games in 2018

NINTENDOWhat would be the best news to hear for Nintendo Switch games in 2018

Having polled almost 4,000 game developers, the GDC learned that 12% of them are now developing games for the Switch. "With that in mind we asked developers which platforms (if any) interest them most right now, and "PC" proved the most popular answer with 59 percent - followed by PlayStation 4/4 Pro (39 percent) and, close behind it, Nintendo Switch (36 percent)", the survey results add.

The organizers of GDC 2018 made public the results of the survey made to developers and the results reflect that interest in the new Nintendo console, Switch, increased significantly.

Earth Wars has been released on the Nintendo Switch worldwide, and there's something interesting about the pricing.

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In 2012, for example, the Dutch government The prime minister resigned, elections were held, and a new government formed. Nelson turned around Monday and voted on a Continuing Resolution to keep the government functioning up until February 8.

Twenty-eight percent of developers said their titles have sold better to Switch users than other platform's users. Whether or not that enthusiasm will hold up in the coming years remains to be seen, but developers can sense the excitement (and many are excited about the console themselves).

Only 1 percent of respondents are now developing games for Nintendo 3DS, and, somewhat interestingly, another percent are working on games for Wii U.

Asked to explain their positions on VR, one respondent wrote, "it might not seem like it's going far fast, but it's steady". 17 percent of devs expect their next game to be released for VR headsets.

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Editor's note: We've updated this story to correctly reflect Gumm's age and when he began working at the sheriff's office. Only a vague description of the two male suspects was available.

It's worth noting that the report's results are a little more bullish for VR's sister in immersive technology, augmented reality. "Notably, 11% said their next game would include "paid item crates", suggesting that approximately 1 in 10 game makers is figuring out how to implement something like a loot box mechanic in their next game".

The number comes as a surprise as loot boxes have been a contentious topic among the gaming community in recent years. And while there's a slight increase in the number of developers now working on mobile games - 36 per cent - that number dips back down to 32 per cent when asked on which platform they expect their next game to release.

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