Kanye West raps fan's favorite song before her death

Kim kanye

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For all of the crap Kanye West takes for being a bully and picking feuds, it turns out he's a softie at heart.

A Twitter user first tweeted about the story last week (January 3), writing that "This girl in my town had cancer and Kanye called her a couple days ago to rap for her".

Kim later appeared to confirm the event by later commenting on the tweet to say that they were 'praying for her family'.

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"I'm craving McDonald's", Kim captioned the pic and tagged McD's for good measure (meanwhile, the photo ended up as part of Yeezy's online lookbook too).

Kanye was apparently made aware of his young fan, who was battling incurable cancer, when her family went to great lengths to contact him. Kim Kardashian West has said it's okay to eat ice cream, so it's okay to eat ice cream.

Finally, last week, he FaceTimed with the girl, who was thrilled to have the chance to talk to her favorite rapper.

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This isn't the first time that Kanye has done a good deed and kept it quiet; previous year, fan Tyler Wesley who was left paralysed after a auto accident, shared a heartfelt Instagram post about how the crash had taught him to never give up. You show the world that anything is possible.

I'm getting dangerously close to liking Kanye, here.

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