Ibuprofen linked to male infertility

The study found that taking ibuprofen for extended periods could have an impact on male fertility

123rf The study found that taking ibuprofen for extended periods could have an impact on male fertility

In common terms, the man's testicles don't secrete enough testosterone and the ability to produce sperm is impaired.

However, Kristensen emphasises that despite the results of the study, men should not stop taking the drug.

Previous research by European scientists showed that male babies whose mothers took ibuprofen experienced disturbances to their endocrine system, according to CNN.

A small sample of young men who took 600mg of ibuprofen twice a day developed a hormonal condition linked to male infertility.

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The Danish and French study looked at 31 athletic men between the ages of 18 and 35. Research released in February 2017 also found that it could increase the risk of heart attacks. 17 men were given a daily dose of 1200mg if ibuprofen.

Separate experiments in the study using human testicular tissue in a lab dish also suggested that ibuprofen could affect testosterone production.

Doctors in Copenhagen who led the study said that while the disorder was mild and temporary in the volunteers, they feared it could become permanent in long-term ibuprofen users. But researchers are concerned about long-term use among athletes. Otherwise, occasional use at the recommended dosage to treat aches and pains is safe and recommended.

Clinically, this condition is called "compensated hypogonadism"-"hypogonadism" because the body probably isn't producing testosterone at the appropriate rate, and "compensated" because other hormones have kicked in and gotten testosterone levels to increase.

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Compensated hypogonadism can lead to fertility issues, muscle wastage, and erectile dysfunction.

"However, this is now speculative". "Based on these data, I personally would be very reluctant to take ibuprofen for longer than the 10 days normally indicated on the packet". Before he stepped down in November 2016 he asked players about their use of over-the-counter painkillers and found that almost half of those who played in the past three World Cups took anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, every day.

The study also investigated several other hormones produced by the testes that were found to be reduced by ibuprofen.

The study was first tested on women, according to CNN.

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Kevin McEleny, PhD, from the British Fertility Society says: "This was a short-term study and the effects seen on testicular health may be reversible".

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