Google To Expand Undersea Cable Project To Support $30B Cloud Infrastructure Worldwide

Google plans to expand undersea cables

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Google announced on January 16 that it is growing its global networking infrastructure with new connectivity and five new cloud regions.

For the project, Google teamed up with Facebook, Pacific Light Data Communication, and TE SubCom to construct a system that's twice as powerful as the record-holding Faster cable that went live in June, which was said to be 10 million times quicker than a modem.

The second cable, called the Havfrue (Danish for "mermaid") cable will run from the east coast of the United States to Denmark and come online at the end of next year. The third will connect Hong Kong to Guam.

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"We'll open our Netherlands and Montreal regions in the first quarter of 2018, followed by Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong - with more to come", he said. Havfrue, a consortium cable with Facebook, Aqua Comms and Bulk Infrastructure, will run the USA to Denmark and Ireland, coming online in late 2019. These cables will extend Google's private network into regions where its competitors have yet to stake their own claim, and should be finished before the end of 2019. As of now, Google has 15 regions sub-divided into 44 zones. For the final cable, Google will be working with RTI-C and NEC, while it will also increase capacity at the new Hong Kong region.

The Chile to Los Angeles connection, dubbed Curie, is of particular significance to the firm, as it reportedly marks Google out as the first non-telco to build a private intercontinental cable. The three cables will connect Chile to Los Angeles, the U.S. to Denmark and Ireland and Hong Kong to Guam, and are called, respectively, Curie, Havfrue and HK-G.

Google plans to commission the three subsea cables in 2019, the internet giant said in a blog post.

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In all, Google points out that it now has "direct investment" in 11 undersea cables, which seems like a necessary move when you consider that Google's network is providing as much as 25% of global internet traffic.

"Our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide, and at Google Cloud, our customers are able to make use of the same network infrastructure that powers Google's own services". "Once deployed, we can make routing decisions that optimize for latency and availability", the company said. "As a result, security, networking and infrastructure were key considerations for us when choosing a cloud provider".

"Overall, these investments mean faster and more reliable connectivity for all users and customers", a Google spokesperson told Mashable.

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