Burger King Net Neutrality Ad: Why Some Must Wait for Whoppers

Net neutrality explainer from Burger King

News Somehow the best net neutrality explainer is from Burger King Chris Mills @c

To bring attention to the issue, Burger King released a almost 3-minute video that attempts to explain what exactly net neutrality is, and how people could be affected by the FCC's recent vote.

Customers grow increasingly outraged as they realize that their Whoppers will be prepared in accordance with how much they pay for "MBPS", or "making burgers per second".

Net neutrality remains a hot-button issue as new rules passed last month by the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission are set to go into effect in the coming weeks, replacing stricter net neutrality rules that were repealed.

While a vote by the FCC last December essentially overturned regulations preventing telecom companies from tiering the internet in this way, some US legislators, citizens and companies have continued efforts to protect net neutrality, and that list has now expanded to include Burger King. Most Americans support net neutrality because most understand that it isn't a good idea to allow telecoms to pick and choose the content they might want to block or throttle. The company said in a statement: "We believe the internet should be like Burger King restaurants, a place that doesn't prioritize and welcomes everyone".

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"I felt like I was being taken advantage of in a sense", one said when interviewed afterwards.

Burger King is taking the FCC to task with a new ad released Wednesday, and generating a lot of conversation on social media.

"Help keep net neutrality safe by signing the petition at Change.org/SavetheNet", the fast-food chain says.

At the conclusion on the video, the customers were told the objective of the video and Burger King directed viewers to Change.org/SavetheNet for more information.

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But there's a surprising amount of nuance in Burger King's joke.

John Oliver called attention to net neutrality on "Last Week Tonight".

To put an exclamation on their message the video ended with the King himself sending a profound shot at Pai by drinking out of an oversized Reese's coffee mug.

Following the decision, some of the internet's biggest companies railed against it. But despite the outcome of the vote, supporters of net neutrality believe the fight to save it is not yet over.

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