Pre-Roll Ads Are Coming To Facebook Inc (FB) Watch

Facebook to use its News Feed to push more videos to users

Pre-Roll Ads Are Coming To Facebook Inc (FB) Watch

The company announced in a blog post on Thursday that it would be adding six-second pre-roll ads before videos starting next year.

The update is relatively small (and most users probably won't even notice), but it's yet another way for Facebook to push video content - and also use its unknown troves of user data to keep people on the platform. It is also now easier for show creators to reach existing viewers by distributing new episodes directly to followers if their Show Page is linked to their existing Page.

Further, the mid-roll ads aren't being abolished entirely with Facebook stating it is only the longer videos that qualify to have them.

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"We are updating News Feed ranking to improve distribution of videos from publishers and creators that people actively want to watch". Previously videos had to be a minimum of 90 seconds, and the first ad break was allowed to appear after 20 seconds.

After resisting the urge to launch pre-roll ads on its network, Facebook is finally embracing the idea. The move, which is still being tested, will only apply to videos lasting over three minutes, and won't be unleashed until you're at least a minute into the content you're watching. Facebook will also prioritize showing other videos from the same pages that users deliberately navigate to. "Furthermore, across initial testing, satisfaction increased 18 percent when we delayed the first Ad Break placement", Angelidou-Smith and Bapna wrote. Live Ad Breaks will no longer support Profiles and will only support Pages with more than 50,000 followers after research showed Pages below this threshold were more likely to share live videos that don't comply with content guidelines.

This may help Facebook appeal to the YouTube's audience, most people don't think of the social network when they chose to search for a video. There is a reason video game live streamers have begun considering Facebook as a viable alternative to the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

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The company now apparently is investing more money in the video segment.

The news also contains a change to Live Ad Breaks that appears created to address concerns around brand safety.

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