Greenwood's Salvation Army corps projects $15K loss in donations

Last day to donate to Salvation Army

Greenwood's Salvation Army corps projects $15K loss in donations

Eight gold coins have been found in the Tulsa Area Salvation Army's kettles this month, continuing the decades-long tradition of such donations by an anonymous benefactor.

Volunteers like O'Mara collect donations during the holiday season to help the Salvation Army assist people in need throughout the year, said Marian Paxton, the organization's committee chair for Laramie.

Both coins need to be authenticated, but they are estimated to be worth between $1,200-$1,300.

A second subject remained in a dark-colored minivan, eventually backing into a parking stall near the store's front door on the west side of the building.

Magic Leap has not solved any of HoloLens's biggest problems
Based in South Florida, the company has only doled out vague hints about its technology since it was founded in 2011. Our spatial interface includes multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking.

"It has been much better than it has in the last couple years, but we are still struggling".

The donation comes at an especially good time because three days before their goal deadline they were 20% behind the mark.

Jason Hughes said most of the funds go toward the services they provide - helping people out with rent, mortgages, utility payments, donating clothes, food and its Angel Tree Christmas drive. "It's all donor based and so what we have to do is make more money so we can help more people".

"For Randolph County this year we had 77 families, and out of those 77 families, there was a total of 95 angels", she said.

Facebook signs deal with music label Universal Music
A successful music streaming service would strengthen YouTube's relationships with music rights holders. YouTube has received criticism for not adequately paying artists for streams of their music videos.

Stewart said volunteers - both individuals and businesses - made the initiative possible this year. Things can be expensive and this helps us out a lot.

"It's really rewarding", Wolfe Sr. said.

"The Rotary clubs of Burlington will be hosting most of our kettle locations on Saturday to hopefully give us a push over the top".

Cause of death is sought for remains found buried in yard
Investigators found the boy's remains in the backyard of the home earlier this week after a 911 tip from Pakistan led them there. According to Fox 8 Cleveland , his stepfather is in jail on a failure to pay child support accusation involving another woman.

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