Got a Lot to Say? Twitter Rolling Out Tweetstorm Feature

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Twitter launches feature to organize multi-tweet threads

You can add to your published thread by tapping the "Add another Tweet" button. The window where you compose a tweet now includes a plus sign at the bottom right. Now it's doing that again by adding features that encourage self-reply chains and make it possible to publish such a thread all at once, rather than one tweet at a time. Twitter's new Show this Thread feature will make things easy.

The move follows an expansion in the character count from 140 to 280, and changing what counts against that limit, by removing usernames and images from the mix. Twitter users have come up with their own creative ways to create their own "tweetstorms", but soon it should be much easier.

Considering how popular Twitter threads are, it made sense for Twitter to add this feature within their app, which should be rolling out on iOS, Android and web in the coming days.

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And of course, our social team is very excited about the new feature. Or they'd say outright the tweet was part of an incoming thread.

Until now, there weren't many options to string multiple tweets together.

Twitter users who wanted to exceed the 280-character limit, but still post more information than was possible to cram into a single post, found innovative approaches. "That's where this update to threads comes in!"

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In a blog post, Twitter's Product Manager Sasank Reddy explained: "Hundreds of thousands of threads are Tweeted every day".

Users have adopted the tweetstorm for a number of reasons - to tell personal, suspenseful or amusing stories via Twitter, to connect facts surrounding breaking news, to rant about politics or other issues, or even to just make a longer post more readable and easier to follow. Third-party Twitter clients, like Tweetbot, will have to be updated to support Threads.

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