Gaming Disorder added to list of 2018 diseases

Gaming disorder to be named a mental health condition for the first time

Gaming Disorder added to list of 2018 diseases

"It takes less effort to turn on a computer than go outside and interact", Sid Rewari, a former gamer said. The 11th version of the ICD is due out in 2018, and experts have finally settled on a first draft.

World Health Organization defines gaming behavior as "impaired control over gaming" (ie, how often and for how long one plays game), "increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests", and "continuation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences", (such as being fired, or missing too much school). Women are prone to social media, texting, and online shopping.

So much so World Health Organization will recognize gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Even games with violence may have some benefits.

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Avid gamer Hannah Jones says video games are more about relaxation. The WHO's definition of gaming disorder could inspire an inaccurate diagnosis when, in fact, gaming could just be a coping mechanism for something already known. Numerous people who drink do not have an alcohol problem either.

On the positive side, research has shown that game playing can relieve stress, improve problem-solving abilities, and enhance traits like eye-hand coordination. Declaring that the proposal had "fundamental issues" like poor research quality and a lack of consensus, the paper warned that a rushed decision could have bad consequences.

"It becomes obsessive. People will stop doing life in general". The mental disorder associated with video gaming must be evident for 12 months, less if the symptoms are severe. Would you choose gaming over spending time with family and friends?

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Counseling and behavior modification are the main treatments for gaming disorder, Tech Times reports. IGD, however, isn't officially recognized as a formal disorder by professionals yet, since it was put into the DSM-5 as a condition needing "further study". "In light of continuing controversies, it is argued that the now proposed categories of video game addiction disorders are premature".

A 2009 study found that about 8 percent of Americans from 8 to 18 years old exhibited pathological video game use, Forbes reported. Gamers believe that video gaming is akin to hobbies or professions.

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