Flu Season Expected To be Harsher This Year

Two flu-related deaths in Imperial County

Flu Season Expected To be Harsher This Year

Dr. Karen Shelton, the health director for the Mt. Rogers Health District, said Thursday marked a change in the presence of influenza across the commonwealth.

INFLUENZA - often abbreviated to flu - is a highly contagious virus that strikes down millions of Brits each year. For a widespread declaration, Shelton said, at least half the districts in the commonwealth have to confirm the presence of flu through hospital emergency room records. He said flu strains always are out there, 365 days a year, readjusting and reforming. That compared with 157 at the same time past year. Of those 250 centers, its Virginia locations are experiencing the highest rates of ILI.

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen can help you to feel better and reduce your temperature How can I treat influenza at home? "So we won't know for sure what this season looks like until we get into it more". Even healthy people can get sick with the flu and have serious complications.

Central Illinois has been hit particularly hard this flu season, with Litchfield schools being forced to shut down last week due to a high number of absences. In each case, distribution of the flu vaccine begins about 7 months later.

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Doctors also suspect the flu season could peak later than normal this season - around February or March - meaning the entire flu season could go from now until April or May.

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But, the remaining two or three varations of the flu in the vaccine.

Its a safe and effective way to prevent illness and save lives by significantly limiting your likelihood of passing on flu symptoms to vulnerable loved ones, ” Collett said.

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CDC reports that approximately 750,000 people in the United States have come down with flu-like illnesses. Now circulating viruses seem not to have undergone significant antigenic drift; circulating A (H3N2) viruses are antigenically less similar to egg-grown A (H3N2) viruses used for most U.S. influenza vaccine production.

Dr. Martinello says the flu shot may not be as effective as in years past, but getting it minimizes the severity of the symptoms.

Vaccines are available at many pharmacies and physicians offices.

You can not get the flu from the flu shot. "That is absolutely false". This requires employees who have not received the flu vaccine to wear a mask when within 6 feet of any patient or resident care area, as well as when performing patient related tasks in both patient and non-patient care areas.

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Getting the flu vaccine will not give you the flu. When your immune system kicks into gear making antibodies, your body's natural response can involve fatigue, soreness and even mild fever.

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