Flu season could be bad this year, experts warn

Making vaccines isn't always a straightforward process

Making vaccines isn't always a straightforward process

"Even though we're all using the same flu vaccine, we haven't seen it here in the USA yet".

"The Centers for Disease Control has said we can expect a pretty, pretty heavy flu season", Dr. Robert Czwalina said. Flu vaccines must be matched each year to the strains that will likely be circulating this year, but when different strains are active, the vaccine won't be as effective.

As flu season is wrapping up in the Southern Hemisphere of the world, influenza cases were more widespread, and more severe, health officials say. A universal flu vaccine would eliminate the need for annual shots, as well as attack both pandemic and seasonal strains of the influenza virus. When someone gets sick, they mistakenly believe the vaccine was the cause. Last year, the vaccines were only 34 percent effective.

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MYTH 3: There's no point in getting the flu vaccine if it's later in the flu season.

Symptoms of influenza include fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue. He adds that avoiding public places during an outbreak, staying home from school or work when you are ill, and covering your mouth if you sneeze is key to reducing the spread of the virus.

"The vaccine is still the best bet we have, the best tool we have", Poursina says. Getting vaccinated may also help protect people around you who have a greater risk of serious illness, such as elderly people, patients with chronic conditions, pregnant women and young children.

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While the outlook for the USA flu season is grim, Dr. Fauci maintained that Americans should still take the time to get a vaccination.

"Getting the flu is an very bad experience".

One rationale for the arduous flu season may be that this year's presently developed vaccine may have disparate to the flu drain may have wound up propagating creating the vaccinations unproductive at intercepting the outbreak.

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MYTH 5: Flu vaccines are only for really sick people. The influenza A virus was the most common flu strain.

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