Apple Loses "Steve Jobs" Trademark To Italian Clothing Maker

Italy 'Steve Jobs' firm wins trademark feud

Throw 2017 In Rice: Italian Company Named 'Steve Jobs' Gets A Huge Victory Over Apple In Court

They put the name on their clothing line and quickly found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit with Apple.

A Steve Jobs by any other name doesn't sound as sweet, but is perfectly legal.

A truly freaky European Union ruling has allowed two Italian brothers to sell clothes and accessories under the Steve Jobs brand name, complete with a variation on the Apple logo ...

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Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato started using the name a few years ago after discovering Apple never trademarked it.

As per la Repubblica Napoli, Apple specifically made a decision to sue the Barbato brothers over the logo they were using to promote the brand which consisted of a stylized "J" with a bite taken out of its side and an Apple-like leaf poking out over its head. But most of us are just hearing about a little-known court case involving Italian clothing company, Steve Jobs.

Apple had sought to challenge the company by claiming its logo infringed on its own trademark, but despite the "leaf" and the indentation on the Italian company's logo, the fact that it was a letter rather than a fruit, meant it was not deemed to breach Apple's.

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The arguments in court revolved around the use by the brothers of the Apple trademark. Therefore the company is not is not ripping off Apple's iconic logo and upheld the brother's trademark.

The case not only covered the name but also the logo the brothers were using. Already being forced to admit older iPhones were being purposefully slowed down, followed by an apology and cheap battery replacement offer, now Apple has lost a multi-year Steve Jobs branding legal battle. Apple insisted that the logo resembled their iconic Apple logo too much.

The company produces T-Shirts, jeans, bags and more at the moment, although they may plan to launch electronic devices in the future.

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